Chef Jakub Mares, Executive Chef, all restaurants, Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

Chef Jakub Mares
Chef Jakub Mares, Executive Chef, all restaurants, Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

However there are times when you may wish to dine at home and present a dish with just as much appeal. Our Chef of the month offers this opportunity with a favourite menu item; but also an insight into what is available at the restaurant concerned should you prefer to dine out.

Name: Chef Jakub Mares
Nationality: The Czech Republic
Restaurant: Executive Chef, all restaurants, Sheraton Hua Hin Resort & Spa

Previous important position: Chef Jakub had worked for several high-profile hotels before becoming the Executive Sous Chef at Anantara Riverside Resort. Preferred cuisine: A personal take on local classics with a focus not to ‘dumb-down’ flavors. The Chef’s Favorite Menu Item to Impress Your Dinner Guests

Name: Fruits of Siam
Description: The highlight of the dish is the sweet taste of seafood accompanied by seasonal fruits and a tangy pineapple dressing with a touch of chili. Ingredients: (Serves 4) Poaching liquid: 250 ml light vegetable broth, 15 gm lemongrass, 5 gm kaffir leave Seafood: 300 gm fresh prawns (2 per portion), 100 gm fresh squid head (1 per portion), 300 gm fresh blue crab Fruits (seasonal): 250 gm honeydew melon, 150 gm watermelon red, 150 gm watermelon yellow.

30 gm longan, 50 gm dragon fruit red Mango Coulis: 70 gm mango fresh or puree, 1 ml lime juice, 1 gm birds eye chili, pinch of salt Pineapple dressing: 10 ml pineapple juice, 2-5 ml pineapple vinegar, 5 ml avocado oil, 10 gm Dutch chili (discard seeds), 2 gm coriander leaves fresh, pinch of salt, finely sliced chili and coriander Method:

1. Prepare poaching liquid by adding lemongrass and kaffir leaves, pinch of salt and seafood to water.
2. Do not overcook; the crabs will take around 5 minutes, prawns 4 minutes and squid 2 minutes.
3. Once cooked drop in an ice bath to stop the cooking process, after 2 minutes or once cold take out and dry.
4. Cut the fruit to your own design, then brush with the light oil and set aside
5. Mango Coulis: Cut and blend the mango until smooth. Add fresh seedless chili and blend again with a drop
of lime and a pinch of salt. Reduce by slow cooking then cool and put into a squeeze bottle.
6. Pineapple dressing: mix all ingredients together until emulsified. Add finely chopped coriander and seedless Dutch chili cut in brunoise (cubes of 3 mm or less).
7. Plating: Arrange all fruit and seafood, brush the fruits with avocado oil, add mango coulis and sprinkle with sea salt. Finish the plate with edible blossoms and fennel.

A tip to make the dish special: All seafood should not be cooked more than medium to retain the moisture and to enjoy the fresh and sweet taste. Brush the fruit with avocado oil and sprinkle with a good quality sea salt to enhance the tangy taste.