From Chef of the Month to Dining Experience of the Month

From Chef of the Month to Dining Experience of the Month
From Chef of the Month to Dining Experience of the Month

Our visit to the Rest Detail Hotel was to review information for our regular feature – ‘Chef of the Month’. However hosts Khun Jack, Prawate Khumchart and his assistant Khun Jaa, had much bigger ideas. Before too long we were enjoying a delicious 3 course dining experience to remember!

The Rest Scene Restaurant shares the décor and colour schemes evident throughout the hotel. There is a consistent theme which is perhaps a little Scandinavian in its cooling and simple tones.    Never austere or dull; just contemporary, gentle and inviting. The restaurant has a vista across an infinity pool to the open ocean, a scene of tranquility to match the surrounds.

The months of July and August complete the mango season in Thailand, so I selected a Mango Margarita from the choice of five ‘Mango Lovers’ offerings as the perfect pairing intro to the seafood main course. With its perfect combination of sweet and sour, this cocktail was a great way to intensify the flavours of the dishes to come. First Asparagus Bisque as a light and creamy soup accompanied by garlic bread with a swirl of cream adding an artistic touch and visual appeal to the delicate flavours. Something akin to the coffee cup art that is now so popular. Snowfish or Ocean Cod highlighted a delicacy which is much sought after in many parts of the world; in this case prepared from whole fish imported from Norway.

The white flaky flesh of buttery fillets falls apart when prepared with expertise and is soft-textured and mildly flavored. Our main course of Teriyaki Snow fish (see Chef of the Month below) offered just that and more. Teriyaki marinade added a fusion element to the dish as a Japanese inspired glaze of soy sauce, mirin, and sugar. The dark glaze against the snow white fish flakes and the slightly sweet though salty teriyaki flavours provided the perfect seafood marinade.

Our final course continued the mango experience with a frozen Mango Mousse accompanied by strawberries, dragonfruit balls and a raspberry sauce atop a biscuit base and garnished with mint leaves. This was a delicate, refreshing and artistic finalé which was a wickedly sweet though not overpowering conclusion to our unexpected gourmet experience.

Dining at the Rest Scene Restaurant let us relish some of the subtleties that characterises the Rest Detail Hotel. Just as a stay at this resort (it’s much more than a hotel) is a relaxing but not an overwhelming experience, dining at the Rest Scene is delicately complex and understated. We left the restaurant feeling completely satisfied but not weighed down after experiencing a perfect combination of matched fusion flavours.

Another special now on offer at the Rest Scene Restaurant is a seafood skillet available as a single, double or family set. This includes sea bass, cuttlefish, mussels, tiger prawns and blue crab with saffron cream, paella or home-cut fries. Contact: Phone +66 (0) 32 522 488 Soi 19 Hua hIn,