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Chef of the Month
Chef of the Month

The Chef’s Favorite Menu Item to Impress Your Dinner Guests

Hua Hin has many fine dining venues with chefsin- residence to ensure your experiences are memorable with outstanding cuisine on offer. However there are times when you may wish to dine at home and present a dish with just as much appeal. Our Chef of the month offers this opportunity with a favourite menu item; but also an insight into what is available at the restaurant concerned should you prefer to dine out.

Name: Mis Sirin Chumchuen (Jum)
Nationality: Thai Restaurant: Bistrot Gourmand Preferred
Cuisine: French – absolument!

The Chef’s Favorite Menu Item to Impress Your Dinner Guests Name Jambonnettes de Grenouilles (Frog leg ‘hams’ with Garlic Puree & Parsley Juice) Description Frogs Legs with garlic and parsley is a traditional dish of Burgundy.

Preparation of garlic puree

Bleach (fast dipping: 1 minutes) the garlic pods with their skin in boiling water, three times in a row, changing the water each time. The skin is removed from each pod and bleached again to cook the garlic to remove the bitterness. We drain well and we go to the mixer to make a purée with a little milk, seasoned and kept warm.

Preparation of parsley Juice

Wash and drain the parsley. Cook it in water and salt for 4 to 5 minutes. Cool in cold water, drain and mixnce as finely as possible to make a purée. Water is gradually added to obtain the consistency of a slurry. Season and then keep warm.

Preparation of the frog legs

Cut the ends of the frog legs a few millimetres from the small end that corresponds to the feet of the frogs. Remove the 2 lower muscles of each thigh to keep only the upper muscle.

The thighs now look like small hams. Season the hamlets with fine salt and freshly ground pepper, then flour. Duck fat and butter are heated in a frying pan. When this becomes hazelnut in colour, add the frogs’ legs and cook for 3 minutes on the one side, then 1 minute on the other side.

To Plate

As the frog legs are cooked, season the garlic puree and the parsley juice. Coat the bottom of the plates with the parsley juice and place a bowl of garlic puree in the centre, place the frog legs around the edge of the plate.

A tip to make the dish special:

Generally this dish is bathed in butter and the taste of garlic diminished. Removing the butter from this recipe and the result is amazing, both in taste and lightness!