Cicada Market Buzzing with Activity

Cicada Market Buzzing with Activity
Cicada Market Buzzing with Activity

Unlike cicadas that spend most of their lives as underground nymphs only emerging after 13 or 17 years, the Cicada Market is open and buzzing with activity every weekend – rain or shine.

Friday and Saturday the market is open from 4 PM to 11 PM, and Sundays from 4 PM to 10 PM. And, just like other day and night markets in the region, entrance is free of charge. Insider’s tip: the market doesn’t really get busy until after 6pm. If you don’t like crowds or want an early meal, then head over right when they open.

If you prefer people watching, larger crowds and a more festive atmosphere, visit as the sun begins to set. Cicada Market is a mix of artists, creators, designers, tourists, and students integrating cultures, arts and lifestyles. A truly unique vibe not found at other markets in the area. While the market is divided into four zones, they all flow together as one. The zones are: Art a la Mode, Cicada Art Factory, Amphitheatre and Cicada Cuisine. The Art a la Mode section is full of craft vendors set up along winding pathways selling a variety of hand-crafted items including clothing, bags, fashion accessories, souvenirs, crafts, and cards. This area features locally-made goods that you won’t find at other markets.

Along the southern most path you will find local artists selling completed works and painting on the spot. This is a prime place to pick up original artwork at reasonable prices. There is even a booth that will package your artwork and ship it wherever you desire. At the centre is Cicada Art Factory. Housed in two white buildings this is the venue for art exhibitions. The artists here are rotated regularly showcasing a variety of artistic contents, including illustrations, portraits, paintings, photographs and sculptures. The Amphitheatre provides an entertainment venue designed to educate as well as amuse visitors. Performances by bands, dance troupes, and theatre groups are held regularly.

Be sure to visit the box office upon arrival for show times and to learn about upcoming events. The final zone is the food zone. Known as Cicada Cuisine, there is a plethora of local and international delights on offer. Choices include grilled seafood, grilled pork satay, Pad Thai, fried mussels, Chinese noodles, Korean BBQ, various forms of rice-based dishes, American delights and Italian pasta dishes. One lane in the food zone not to be missed is the dessert section. Mango and sticky rice is a staple, and the coconut ice cream is incredible. The food zone works on a coupon system. The coupons are sold in white wooden buildings scattered about.

There is one at the front entrance which is always busy. If you venture in a little further, you will see other booths selling the coupons. Don’t worry if you buy too many in the beginning as they can always be sold back if they go unused. Cicada Market is a family-friendly venue, and it is easy to spend an entire night just strolling around, talking to vendors, eating up a storm, listening to music, watching street performers or catching a show. Where: Head towards Kho Takiab and you’ll find the market on the left very soon after the road also veers right towards the rail overpass. It’s only a few kilometres south of central Hua Hin.