Dances of the Northeast of Thailand – Grace & Passion

Dances of the Northeast of Thailand – Grace & Passion
Dances of the Northeast of Thailand – Grace & Passion

Dance techniques in the north east as renowned for their grace and passion. Although there are many different styles of dance originating from rural Thailand, the style features the complex hand movements and notable distinction that a man and woman should never have physical contact with intriguing intricacy.

Serng Kratip Khoa 
This dance is performed during traditional celebrations. Usually the word serng is added to the name of the domestic object used on stage by the dancers. In the case of the Serng Kratip, the dancers carry the typical rice baskets, known as kratip. Their movements imitate those of the women who bring food to the men working in the fields. The choreography is accompanied by music with a lively rhythm. The instruments used are a long drum, charb (cymbals), grab (a kind of castanet), mong (gong) and the kahen (like an old-fashioned syringe).

Serng I-San 
This folk dance is generally performed at traditional festivals. The choreography is entrusted to the dancers who wear brightly colored costumes, and expresses all the joy of the celebration.

Fon Phu Thai
This dance is part of a propitiatory ceremony performed by the Phu Thai tribe, who live in the Northeast of the country. The music that accompanies it is played on typical instruments like the gong ching (a tribal drum), along with other drums and pipes. The gong ching plays a fundamental part because it sets the rhythm for the dance.

Serng Krapo (Coconut Dance) 
Krapo is the word for coconut in the Northeast dialect. The dance illustrates the activities of a group of nubile girls from the southern part of the region, known as I-San. The dancers hold two coconut shells, with which they execute complex choreographic movements, shaking them, tossing them or tapping them lightly. This dance is often accompanied by the sound of the pong lang, a kind of upright xylophone, made of strips of wood arranged according to the musical scale. I-San

Bantheong (The Happiness of I-San) 
This is a series of folk dances usually performed on festive occasions. The swift, harmonious movements are accompanied by folk songs associated with the Northeast region.