The Doi Chaang Caffè Coffee to Hua Hin from the Villagers of the Elephant Mountain

The Doi Chaang Caffè Coffee to Hua Hin from the Villagers of the Elephant Mountain
The Doi Chaang Caffè Coffee to Hua Hin from the Villagers of the Elephant Mountain

Hidden deep within the Golden Triangle of Northern Thailand, nestled in the foothills of Elephant Mountain under a canopy of rain forest foliage, the indigenous Akha Hill Tribe cultivate and process organically grown single estate premium Arabica coffee.

The infamous ‘Golden Triangle’ is well known for a history of poppies for opium production because of the proximity to the countries of Burma and Laos and the extremely fertile soil in the rainforest. But that history changed after The King of Thailand, Rama IX decided about 40 years ago to stop the opium trade in Thailand and travelled personally to many villages handing out agricultural alternatives and making sure that the area was safe for the growers to farm.

The Akha tribe on Doi Chaang Mountain was the unsuspecting recipients of fine Arabica coffee plants and just happened to be in one of the best locations for coffee-growing in the world. The only problem was that they became victims of the international coffee dealers and traders. Again, fate stepped in and Wicha Promyong guided and oversaw the operations of the growers who in turn met a West Vancouver native John Darch and together they founded Chaang Coffee. After first hearing about the indigenous Akha villagers in 2005, Darch set up the overseas marketing and then gifted the growers co-operative 50% of the company.

The Doi Chaang Co-founders This amazing story continued as the coffee company has grown and the villagers have achieved a measure of fame in Thailand. Coffee shops slowly appeared all over the country, and overseas, particularly in Canada. Doi Chaang Coffee was picked as one of Food in Canada Magazine’s top ten innovative and entrepreneurial companies of 2013. The company owns and operates its own facilities, covering all aspects of production and processing which ensures that only the best product is produced.
Doi Chaang Coffee In Hua Hin It’s taken almost 10 years for Doi Chaang Coffee to reach Hua Hin but Doi Chaang Caffè opened around 2 years ago. This is where Hua Hin coffee lovers can experience the delights of Doi Chaang coffee in a relaxed café setting with breakfast, light snacks, sandwiches and sweet treats also on offer.

It’s also where you can find this top quality coffee in 250 gram packages to take home and brew your own. If coffee and a European breakfast is your morning thing, a 7 AM opening may be the best way to start your day. A wise man once said “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a good cup of coffee and that’s pretty close.” Doi Chaang Caffè is arguably where you can get the best coffee in Thailand and just maybe you’re on the way to happiness! Where: Take Soi 55 away from Phetchakasim Road (the road towards Huay Mongkol), alongside the Big C market on the left. Open: 7 AM to 5 PM everyday Contact: 081 774 4669