E S P A D A “Everyday is a day of Smart & Charming” Say Hello out loud & Welcome to the month of November with us!

E S P A D A “Everyday is a day of Smart & Charming” Say Hello out loud & Welcome to the month of November with us!

Seasons change means an upgrade to the inside of your wardrobe items. It is a question for every single woman what is good to go in? Here’s why ESPADA brand comes in. We are here to provide not just clothing but also an idea of versatility and functional use in womenswear. Adapting to a constant change of fashion trends as well as lifestyle changes of customers is challenging, ESPADA pushes forward in the functionality of women’s apparel by creating clothing to be READY for any occasion.
ESPADA is please to share the latest collection under our core concept of “Everyday is a day of Smart & Charming”. Once again, this new collection focuses on functionality of womenswear. It’s designed to help create a perfect example of smart & charming women. We strongly encourage all women to be confident in choosing what they wear and feel confident in every way. An old English saying “Fine feathers make fine birds”. In ESPADA’s case, the right clothes worn with confidence make you the real women.

Moving on to the idea of versatility and functionality, we come up with
7 days, 7 looks – the looks for every single day of the week. The designs are ranging from office-appropriate outfits to casual weekend looks. For lace lovers, lace dresses come in black or soft pink colour as two options or black lace jumpsuit for more relaxed character. Black colour is featured in many items such as a complete look of black blazer and cropped wide-legged pants to deliver you a professional look, a musthave cardigan you can always carry in your bag whenever needed. For weekend casual, a white shirt can be matched with faded denim pants to create your go-to style. Those mentioned above are just

a part of the whole new collection. Rules don’t apply in ESPADA clothing; we want you to be creative by doing your own mix & match with other clothes to create a new fashion statement. Don’t forget a variety of handbags and purses available to be carried with the look you choose. Reinvent yourself to be Smart & Charming ESPADA women today. You are always welcome to visit our stores & corners nationwide. We are not hard to find. Explore your sense of style and discover the new you today. Make everyday a day of Smart & Charming Store location : 1st floor at Ladies’Boutique @Blu’Port HuaHin Follow us on : www.facebook.com/ ESPADA Thailand