‘Eat Well, Live Well’ at The Restaurant

‘Eat Well, Live Well’ at The Restaurant
‘Eat Well, Live Well’ at The Restaurant

There’s a massive, ornate chandelier suspended from a central domed ceiling that dominates The Restaurant at the Dusit Thani. Its elegance and splendor cannot be ignored by diners even though an equally splendid and undisturbed outlook past pools and gardens towards the ocean frontage will also attract their gaze.

This sensational setting alone may be good reason to visit the Restaurant but our Monday visit was really to consider the very special cuisine on offer at the ‘Eat Well, Live Well’ buffet. First came the opportunity to meet Chef Thongbai; a highly respected member of the Dusit ‘family’. That respect follows a 30 year career with the Dusit group, initially at her Bangkok homeplace, but for the past 20 years in Hua Hin.

That’s almost at long as the resort has been open; she’s a local legend! Our early arrival allowed Chef Thongbai to take on a tour where a magnificent banquet awaited the arrival of the evening’s eager diners. We wandered past amazing displays of live cooking and carvery stations, for example roast leg of lamb leg with green curry or roast chicken with Apple Sauce.

Artistic hors d’oeuvres and appetisers was also on display along with steaming seafood including wrapped barracuda with soy sauce or braised sea bass in lemon thyme sauce. There’s an array of organic salad bars, the whole wheat pasta station and exquisite miniature desserts and ‘shot glasses’ of colourful fruit salsa.

Chef Thonbai was intent on stressing the healthy elements of the cuisine. Her interest was on the freshness of the ingredients and cooking methods using virgin olive oil to prepare the duck, lamb or beef and her particular interest in traditional Thai cuisine with dishes such as spicy dried shrimp salad with pineapple or vegetables wrapped with duck breast served with chili paste sauce retaining their essential and traditional elements.

The ‘Eat Well, Live Well’ buffet stresses the freshness and healthy elements in each ingredient but if you think this means bland or boring this buffet will dispel that image very quickly. What The Restaurant at the Dusit Thani offers every Monday evening is the most exquisite flavours and colours in an equally exquisite setting.

Where: THE RESTAURANT at the Dusit Thani Hua Hin
When: Mondays from 6 PM
Price: 1,350 THB Bookings: +66 (0) 3252 0009
www.dusit.com/dthh www.dusit.com/dthh

‘Eat Well, Live Well’ at The Restaurant
‘Eat Well, Live Well’ at The Restaurant