‘Eccezionale Cucina Italiana’ @ Mozza Mia

‘Eccezionale Cucina Italiana’ @ Mozza Mia
‘Eccezionale Cucina Italiana’ @ Mozza Mia

Three prerequisites for a special restaurant to claim as your own: 1) The setting & ambience, 2) A welcoming host & service staff, 3) last but not least; Fine cuisine & wine.

Some Thai restaurants may provide all these requirements (well maybe not the wine!) but if ‘eccezionale cucina Italiana’ or fine Italian dining is what suits your palate, then Mozza Mia in central Hua Hin is the place. Couples or even single diners who initially called in for a brief Italian-style sandwich with expresso or fresh orange juice often return with a larger group to share their ‘discovery’ after adopting Mozza Mia as their own. The initial impression is the understated, intimate setting where and you will be personally welcomed by the host Lyna Narin or Khun Kam.

During our last visit she was wearing a top which proudly proclaimed “I Love Italy” and of course that includes loving Italian cuisine. Host Khun Kam reveals the contents of her specialty Seafood Clay Pot Thinking about Italian cuisine may typically conjure images of pizza, pasta, risotto, minestrone; maybe tomato laden or with parmesan. However that’s a very limited view of Italian food, with mozzarella and burrata delights also Italian favourites and a specialty of Mozza Mia. If you take Mozza to be the short form of Mozzarella, then ‘Mozza Mia’ could be ‘my mozzarella’. Mozzarella is a southern Italian semi-soft cheese, generally white, but may vary seasonally to slightly yellow.

Burrata with Palma Ham and warm crusty bread Burrata is made with an outer shell or ‘case’ of mozzarella. The inside contains both mozzarella and cream, giving it an unusual soft silky smooth texture. When contrasted with crusty warm bread, it’s a light, though fulfilling delight.

Pizza Mozza Mia Since our last visit to Mozza Mia there have been many additions to the menu based on diner’s requests with pizza being amongst their favourites, especially Thai people.

For example Pizza Mozza Mia includes parma ham and rocket with lashings of mozzarella. Two specialty spaghetti dishes that took our attention were a delightful cure for our hunger; prompted by the aromas wafting from the nearby open kitchen. Spaghetti Olio Bacon and Spaghetti Truffle Sauce were presented steamy hot and with a hint of spicy heat to soon address our hunger pangs. Khun Kam then introduced an intriguing Clay Pot. This was a small pot enclosed with oven crusted pastry ‘lid’ which opened, reveals a variety of seafood cooked to perfection in a chilli and garlic sauce. Another Mozza Mia specialty to tantalise both the eyes and taste buds.

Dining can be inside, alongside a wine selection with shelves stocked with fine wines, especially of the Italian variety, but also from Australia, New Zealand the Americas. Alternatively the outdoor terrace provides an alternative space for a dinner party of groups of friends or family. Mozza Mia provides Hua Hin with an opportunity to savour Italian cuisine at its finest. Not only for an evening dinner, but also for those looking for breakfast or a casual lunch.

This culinary venue is the perfect place to soon become your own special ‘home away from home’ or ‘casa lontano da casa’. Where: Soi 94 at G Mall Hua Hin (alongside the G Mall Resort), onsite parking available. When: 9 AM to 11 PM everyday Phone: 032 900 250 Facebook: www. facebook.com/MozzaMiaHuaHin