For Summer 2017, ESP returns to the pleasure of the Cartoons for inspiration— emphasizing on streetwear for everyday designed for those ‘fun in the sun’ explorers. A showcase of creativity and freedom, the collection celebrates the change of season with a variety of newly designed apparels. Rejoicing in the strong identity of ESP collections, ESP looks firmly forward with a collection combining fun, versatility and affordability.

Men’s collection

Minimalism with a tint of fun is seen on ESP menswear. A navy blue polo-shirt is one of the main pieces – it has bits of pieces of cartoon prints throughout the entire body. You can wear it on a hot summer day by matching with denim shorts. A short sleeve shirt in white uniquely designed with inspiring letters on the sleeves can be worn with a simple black bottom half. You can go commonly stylish by pairing our ESP tee-shirt with denim pants for some chilling situations. These are just a few examples of the collection.

Women’s collection

Emphasizing on the pleasure of everyday streetswear, women’s summer 2017 collection employs a range of designs and patterns directly inspired by the outdoorsy factors. What it means is all pieces can be
worn perfectly & appropriately outdoor. The collection features denim & stripes, which are two main signatures of summer. Hoodies can be matched with ripped denim pants. A printed cartoon dress worn over a white tee-shirt creates a distinctive style of ESP women. Many more for you to explore.


In the summer times, flowers are blooming and the sun is shining, we want to focus on the beauty of this season. However, black & white have always been the easy items to wear. You can notice a touch of colours displayed through the Cartoons in every piece of the apparels. Striped & Blue colour are the key element shown in the Summer collection.

About ESP : Who are we

As children of Fashion: if you give us clothes that make us look fashionably cool, we will definitely wear it. It’s not hard at all to make us happy. Some people call us ‘Mainstream kids’ because of the fact that we like to keep up with current trends. Whatever is shown on global fashion trends, we will go for it without thinking twice. If you ask us whether we are trend setters, we are not. We follow the trends and make it a statement. We aren’t afraid to try new things, new colours, new set
of clothes – very colourful floral prints to simple tees. Nothing is set in stone when it comes to what we choose to wear. We create a magic in mix & match. Here are a few words to describe us: Trendy, Fashionable, Adjustable, Adaptable and Sociable.
ESP Summer 2017 Collection is now available at department stores. For more information, please visit our online channel below. Facebook: ESPFASHION Instagram: ESP_FASHION