ESPADA – the Brand New Day of Smart & Charming Women

ESPADA – the Brand New Day of Smart & Charming Women
ESPADA – the Brand New Day of Smart & Charming Women

2017 fashion is all about combining two into one, collaboration and customization. This year, ESPADA wants to focus on creating an identity of smart & charming women, which is a combination of the 2 characteristic traits, customized into your own way. Speaking of Smart & Charming? What is the meaning of it when combined? A big question here is who are they? What identify women who are both smart & charming at the same time?

Let’s first find out what SMART means. Smart is used to describe someone who is intelligent. What about charming? CHARMING is used to describe someone pleasant and attractive. To mix the two together, SMART & CHARMING means someone who is intelligent, pleasant and attractive. ESPADA believes that every single woman on this earth has these qualities. A problem is they are afraid to show it or they need guidelines on how to present it.

This is when ESPADA will help you in bringing out these qualities and showing them to the world. By providing women with unique designs and variety of clothing & accessories, It is a lot easy for women to embrace those mentioned qualities, the quality of SMART & CHARMING. This newest collection will help to create a perfect example of smart & charming woman. ESPADA encourages women to be confident. We encourage women to love dressing up. Just like an English saying “Fine feathers make fine birds; the tailor makes the man (in this case, the right clothes make the women)”. Women should not only be beautiful and attractive but should also be intelligent.

Let us take you, women to this ESPADA collection; the brand new day of Smart & Charming women. To cover your everyday look, we create a collection with 6 different styles, ranging from casual weekend looks to officeappropriate looks; start with a white blouse with designs to show off some skin – the off shoulder blouse for your ‘what to wear on weekend’ options. For those Polka dots lovers, go comfortable in boot cut pants with polka dot blouse for some casual days. For laces lovers, Look sexy but appropriate for the office with a total look of laces in blouse, pants and high heels. Put more colour to your day with a light blue dress with distinguish sleeve designs. For those flower lovers,

The collection also has a white floral dress, which can be worn for office Fridays or weekends. Stripes are featured in the 6 looks as well, which you can wear with a cardigan and boot cut pants. Apart from the clothes, a variety of handbags and purses are available to choose from as well; two-tones or just one colour. With these 6 example looks, you can easily create yourself to be an ESPADA woman, the women of smart & charming today. You are more than welcome to visit stores & corners nationwide. Discover the new you today; The Brand New days of Smart & Charming women.