Flying High at Air Space Hua Hin

Flying High at Air Space Hua Hin
Flying High at Air Space Hua Hin

Theme restaurants use a specialised concept to influence the architecture, food, music, and overall ‘feel’ of the restaurant.  Air Space in Khao Takiab is very clearly a ‘themed’ restaurant. 

A replica of the Wright Brothers’ ‘flyer’, circa 1903, sets the scene, suspended within the industrial feel of hangar spaces.
The ‘spaces’ are vast and open; two connected glass-house barns (café and restaurant) between green outdoor areas. The spaces offer glimpses of military and other historic memorabilia including shell boxes and airport storage containers but also antique cash registers and even a hand-wound record player just in case of a power failure. The ‘flyer’ is a 95% scale replica of the craft achieving the world’s first powered manned flight; full size may have resulted in the wings protruding through the glass walls, something like shown on the logo!

Air Space was only opened in August this year, but has already been recognised for the design concept and shortlisted as one of the most stunning interior design restaurants & bars of 2016, announced by the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors held in Berlin in November. Our host at Air Space was founder Kornsiri Sooppakitkul, who not coincidentally, has the nickname of ‘Air’. Khun Air is yet to reach 30 years of age but she has wasted no opportunity to understand the world of hospitality with education at North American
Universities, positions at notable service industry providers such as the Starwood group, Fairmont Hotel, InterContinental Hotels Group and as a Barista at Starbucks.

She recognised that New York may be the epicenter of the world’s restaurant culture and spent two years there to gain an understanding of the trends and was then inspired to design and open her family’s own establishment. Put together these experiences, her family’s love of antique memorabilia with her nickname and Air Space was born, or perhaps we should say, took off. Word has already travelled far and wide and visitors from Bangkok to Hua Hin have been prominent. I questioned a comment Khun Air made …..“There’s nothing to do in Bangkok”. What she really meant was that it’s too hard to commute across that vast city to get to many special places.

No such issues in Hua Hin. Apart from the two distinct indoor spaces, separated by ample outdoor dining tables, there are also two distinct dining styles on offer. The less formal style involves western comfort food, largely of American influence of the southern or Tex-Mex variety is proved by the café. If the occasion calls for a more sophisticated style, then a fusion of Thai and European cuisine awaits at the restaurant. Individual diners have ample inspiration for shared conversations, but Air Space provides an ideal venue for larger gatherings, including the private use of one or more of the 50 person spaces. Get in quick for a Christmas or New Year celebration.

Theme Restaurants provide a reason to dine within a setting which is out of the ordinary, but there still needs to be a dining experience which is equally noteworthy.

Air Space provides both of these experiences alongside “those magnificent men and their flying machine”!

Location: As the compass coordinates displayed on the restaurant floor show, the precise location of Air Space is: 12o 30’ 54.7” N, 99o 58’ 34.8” E. What that means is following the road south from Hua Hin through Khao Takiab then veering right at the final junction. Just before running out of road, on the left opposite the Sea Craze Condo, you’ll see the distinctive Air Space full length ‘window walls’.
Hours: 8 AM to 11 PM
Contact: +66 63 916 0999,
Parking: 50 parking bays available