Join the queue and taste the legend: Have you tried Hua Hin’s most famous steamed buns?


So you live in Hua Hin and think you know the local food scene, right?

But if you haven’t tried the famous Mantou and Salapao steamed buns sold by Khun Suikim Sae Ngow, you have to ask yourself: what have you been doing?

For over 40 years, Suikim’s steamed buns have been a must-try for locals and tourists alike, earning her a reputation as one of the best Salapao sellers in all of Thailand.

Freshly made every day using traditional methods, these large and hearty steamed buns that are cooked over charcoal are a meal in themselves and come in a variety of flavors.

Khun Suikim’s Mantou and Salapao are made fresh every day using 10 kg of flour. She and her son, Thanakrit Phichan Norachon, can be found most evenings at the top of Soi 70 near Hua Hin’s Chatchai Fresh Market, selling their steamed buns to locals and tourists alike. The only days they don’t sell are Sundays and Buddhist holy days.

Khun Suikim’s Mantou and Salapao are made using traditional methods. She kneads, mixes, hits, and molds the dough before steaming it over a charcoal stove. The result is a large and hearty steamed bun that people queue down the street for each evening.

Khun Suikim’s stall can sell up to 400 buns each day, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

It’s not uncommon to see a long line of people waiting patiently for their chance to savor these delicious steamed buns. The aroma of the freshly steamed buns wafts through the air, enticing even more customers to join the queue.

The Mantou and Salapao come in three flavors: black bean (white), pumpkin (yellow), and coffee (brown).

The pumpkin and coffee steamed buns cost 20 baht each, while the minced pork steamed buns cost 30 baht each.

When asked about the secret to her delicious Mantou and Salapao, Khun Suikim says it’s simply down to experience and using good quality ingredients.

She says that her and her son know exactly how to knead, mix, and mold the dough to get the perfect texture. They also use high-quality flour and ingredients, which adds to the flavor and freshness of the steamed buns.

Khun Suikim’s Mantou and Salapao have gained widespread recognition, and she has been featured in many articles, TV shows, and YouTube videos. Her customers come from far and wide to sample her steamed buns, and many have become regulars over the years. Her popularity shows no sign of waning and at 85 years old, Suikim Sae Ngow is still going strong.

Recently, Khun Suikim’s famous Mantou and Salapao stall was visited by Ms. Pailin Kongphan, the Deputy Mayor of Hua Hin. Ms. Pailin expressed her admiration for Khun Suikim and her son.

She also commented that their establishment is well-known throughout Hua Hin as the “Tao Tan Steamed Buns,” thanks to the especially aged and unchanged taste that has kept customers coming back for years.

Ms. Pailin noted that both locals and tourists make a point to stop by and enjoy the delicious steamed buns. She added that Khun Suikim’s continued success and recognition by local authorities is a testament to the quality and consistency of her Mantou and Salapao.

Khun Suikim’s story is an inspiration to many, showing that age is just a number when it comes to pursuing one’s passion. Her dedication to her craft and her commitment to providing delicious steamed buns to her customers have made her a beloved figure in Hua Hin and beyond.

For anyone in Hua Hin, be sure to stop by and try Khun Suikim’s famous Mantou and Salapao.