Korean Style BBQ in Hua Hin

Korean Style BBQ in Hua Hin
Korean Style BBQ in Hua Hin

Corner 112 proves to be a place where families and couples can enjoy their food and quality time together while enjoying a Korean BBQ style dinner. An “all you can eat buffet “caters to the needs of its costumers leaving no one out when it comes to dinner preferences. Since last week Corner 112 added a new concept to their already popular venue. With the help of well-known Butcher Jean Pierre, they have added high quality local beef and imported beef to its concept.

Precut beef, lamb are there to be chosen by you and prepared to match your requirements. Price wise its hard to beat and since their opening in collaboration with Jean Pierre it has proven to be very popular amongst the vast clientele Corner 112 has acquired during the time, they have opened their business. Dining and socializing have always been a huge part in many cultures around the world. It holds together families when having a celebration or just a regular night out dining. It has cemented relationships whether its business or on a more personal based connection.

Especially in Thailand, food has been en still is the center point of their society. Local expats had had no problems adjusting to this part of the Thai culture and holiday revelers found this cultural aspect of the Thais something they could easily adapt too. The now familiar and updated version of the Korean BBQ helps you to continue socializing at your table while preparing your own food. Pork, chicken beef is marinated to perfection so to keep the prepared meat from drying before being BBQ at your own table and on your own pace. Next to the previous mentioned meat there is plenty of choice when it comes to sausages, bacon and chicken wings. Vegetarians do not need to feel left out, since a special reserved vegetarian grill is available at your table and the availability of a large range of vegetables and a salad bar to choose from contributes to a pleasant dining experience.

One of the other features of Corner 112 are the different food stations where you can order miscellaneous dishes to complement your BBQ meal or just order your preferred meal which belongs to the possibilities as well. The rotisserie section has an additional grilled chicken, pork and ribs to choose from. Isaan food and the well known noodle soups of Thailand are available at two other food station, again available at very reasonable prices. Corner 112 works with a coupon system, for drinks and food at the stations.

These coupons are refundable when the full amount has not been spend . Prices for the all you can eat Buffet is 199 THB per person while the new addition of imported beef form jean Pierre is coming at an additional cost. The spacious open air dining venue is ideal for larger groups and has intimate settings for couples and smaller families.