‘Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon’ with an InterContinental Brunch

‘Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon’ with an InterContinental Brunch
‘Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon’ with an InterContinental Brunch

“And I love to live so pleasantly, Live this life of luxury, Lazing on a sunny afternoon, In the summertime, In the summertime, In the summertime” (Ray Davies)

the pressures of the Monday to Friday world, whether that means work, household duties or demands made via emails or Facebook friends. However to achieve that separation, it may also need a physical change of scenery away from electronic devices and any other reminders of those responsibilities It may start with a sleep-in and a later start to the day. Then maybe an excursion to somewhere scenic or perhaps some ‘retail therapy’ if that’s your preferred form of indulgence. But sooner or later midday hunger pangs need attention and this where a Sunday Pool Brunch at the Blúport Wing of the InterCon provides the answer. If you have undertaken retail therapy at Blúport, direct pedestrian access will make that will be very convenient.

But regardless of your activities earlier in the day, parking at Blúport prior to Sunday Brunch is easy. Sunday Brunch can mean relaxing poolside or even in the pool with a floating tray. Alternatively air conditioned comfort awaits inside, perhaps more suitable for those who have just completed their time in the Mall. Either way it’s a very luxurious, calming and inviting ambience; very close to the buzz of downtown Hua Hin but seemingly distant from that hustle and bustle, Brunch is a combination of à la carte and buffet as you choose.

There’s almost a surf ‘n’ turf feel with the ‘turf’ elements being tender steak and eggs (sunny side up or over easy) or lamb cutlets. ‘Surf’ means shellfish varieties, pan fried cod or perhaps cartoccio (seafood spaghetti) to be freshly prepared from your order. While you are waiting, maybe check out the buffet selection for some instant relief from those hunger pangs. Then the table service will also bring your choice of drinks; whether that means fresh juices or perhaps some white wine bubbles, coffee, teas or any other form of imbibing you can imagine.

Complete the brunch with a selection of dessert and other sweet temptation. You’ll find that time slips by all too quickly. Unfortunately it’s already time to return to the more mundane aspects of life until another lazy Sunday comes along. The next InterCon Sunday Brunch is on 11th November from 12 noon until 3 PM. Now is the time to book by phoning 032 616 999. Get ready for your next lazy Sunday afternoon and be prepared for some luxurious weekend selfindulgence!