LTD Key Fashion Trends of the season

LTD Key Fashion Trends of the season
LTD Key Fashion Trends of the season

Colour-blocking is the trend, which has been around for a few seasons and it looks like it is not leaving anytime soon. Speaking of colours, it means summer. LTD is preparing for the long-standing menswear trend of colour-blocking by offering newly designed pieces, including shirts, poloshirts and tee-shirts. After months of the country’s situation, some of us are looking for alternatives to replace dark toned colour outfits. From block-colour separates to pieces with multicoloured sections and details, segmented colour is a way to boost up freshness and excitement into your look this coming season.

Colour segmentation can be seen almost everywhere on major runways, a display of block-hues is enough to make any man with enough confidence to want to give it a try. Although, you shouldn’t miss the fact that runway fashions are made to be exaggerating. However, when similar pieces are available in the market they have often toned down to make it more wearable for everyone and this is what LTD has done; it has been designed to be wearable for everyday strictly done under a concept “Make everyday Twist”. In order to wear this trend, you will need to have some confidence. Most of the times, we tend to fill our wardrobes with monochrome hues and grey colour rather
than bright red or bright blue.

Forget the traditions and remember that a man can look masculine in bright colours too, a question depends on how he wears it. If you do not dare leaving the house with bright colours, you can try to tone it down bold block-coloured with darker shades and more textured materials, which gives a mattifying result. LTD Egyptian cotton shirt by is made essentially from one of the finest cotton fabrics in the world; the silky smooth and fine feel of the fabric is second to one. Often we spend time talking about fit and construction of our dress shirts, but the materials used are just as important.

Egyptian cotton is grown only a few places in the world, renowned as some of the best due to its extra long staple, which means it has longer fibers, resulting in silkier, more durable fabric. Why don’t you add a bit of luxury to your wardrobe with our LTD men’s dress shirts? Some other advantages come with this fine fabric is that it is easy to iron but hard to wrinkle and it gives a total look/feel of such luxury. You will know the difference as soon as you touch it. Each of our essential shirts is expertly tailored from the finest quality fabrics, which makes them extraordinarily soft and easy to wear. Make some changes to your total look b adding some luxury to your outfits today and make your everday twist.