Massaman voted ‘worlds best’… again

Massaman voted ‘worlds best’… again
Massaman voted ‘worlds best’… again

CNN named Massaman curry the ‘World’s Best Food’ in its recently updated list of the 50 most delicious dishes ever created. Massaman, a coconut based meat curry, was described by CNN as “The king of curries and perhaps the king of all foods”, due to its strong flavours, “the dish masterfully blends spicy, coconut, sweet, and savoury flavours”.

The other Thai dishes that made the list were: Tom Yum Goong, or shrimp soup – 8th, Nam Tok Moo, an Isaan dish of grilled pork, toasted rice, onions, mint sprigs and chilli – 19th, Somtam, or papaya salad – 46th. Meanwhile, in CNN previous readers polls SEVEN Thai dishes won the hearts of people around the World and were voted for, emphasising Thai foods status as one of the Worlds leading cuisines.

As well as Tom Yum Goong in 4th, and Somtam in 46th, Pad Thai was voted in 5th spot, “If there was a ‘Hall of Fame’ for food, Pad Thai would have without a doubt earned itself a spot”, said Tim Cheung, a travel writer at the news giant.

CNN also wrote: “The Land of Smiles isn’t just a marketing catch-line, it’s a result of a way of life in a land where the World’s most delicious food is sold on nearly every street corner.

If only the Thai government felt the same way and would stop making street food vendors disappear. If you’re gonna share your opinions for free on the Internet, why not do it for a chance to win some exciting prizes? Take our 2021 Coconuts Reader Survey now!