It’s Official!! – Santa’s Coming To Thailand

It’s Official!! – Santa’s Coming To Thailand
It’s Official!! – Santa’s Coming To Thailand

It’s easy to understand why children in Thailand, especially those on holiday over the Christmas period worry that Santa may not make it to Thailand.  After all it’s a long way from his home in Finland and a lot hotter than the North Pole!

We have it good authority that Santa’s mailbox has been bombarded with letters from children all over Thailand wanting to know if he will be heading this way at Christmas. Santa’s finding it hard to respond so he asked Hua Hin Today to come to the rescue.
Through the wonders of modern technology here’s what Santa wants to tell the children in Hua Hin. “First of all children, YES I will definitely be coming the Thailand at Christmas! I have been coming to Thailand for many years and I have many helpers all over the country who show me around and make sure all the good boys and girls aren’t forgotten.

My reindeers find it very hard to manage the hot weather, but my helpers include lots of elephants and they are a perfect way to carry many, many presents. I am really looking forward to taking off my fur boots and having a small holiday break at the beach and everyone is so friendly. Children, please remind your parents to leave me a small treat on the night before
Christmas; I especially like bananas and mangoes! I hope that everyone in Thailand has a very merry Christmas and all my best wishes for the New Year. Ho. Ho, Ho, from Santa”