Pepsi Presents Big Mountain Music Festival 7 Kaeng Krachan Country Club

Pepsi Presents Big Mountain Music Festival
Pepsi Presents Big Mountain Music Festival
Pepsi Presents Big Mountain Music Festival
Pepsi Presents Big Mountain Music Festival

“Big Mountain music festival (BMMF)” is the biggest music festival in Thailand. It all began with the concept “Mun Yai Mak” (Mun – Craziness, Yai – Huge, Mak – many) in 2010 with an attendance of 20,000 people. Six years later, the festival has become the highlight event in Thailand’s busy festival calendar with up to 70,000 attending. Following the concept of any good festival, BMMF has a vast array of stages, bars, stalls and activities to get involved with spanning two days of fun, excitement and discovery. This year the event will be held at Kaeng Krachan Country Club in Phetchaburi, after moving from their previous venue near Kao Yai National Park.

For the first time, expect to see a whopping nine stages, all with their own individual design and feel. However this year’s overall theme is based on the word ‘Joh’ – a word that describes a unique type of Thai Rhythm. Expect over 200 live performances spanning a wide plethora of musical genres, from rock to pop, dance to indie, and of course Luk-Thung and Moh-Lam – true Thai sounds injected with ‘Joh’ rhythm. Some of Thailand’s most famous artists will be playing this year.

The ever popular Bodyslam, Moderndog, Potato and T-Bone are just a few that have been confirmed, along with other favourites such as Palmy, 25 Hours, Paradox, Lomosonic and Big Ass. For those into more unique and original music, Big Mountain Music Festival is the place to be this December, with the quirky 80s themed band Polycat playing centre stage, the emotional but powerful sounds of Greasy Cafe drawing the crowds with his hypnotic voice, and the classic sounds of Carabao, bringing out the peua cheewit feelings in us all. For more details about the festival, including how to buy tickets, tent reservations, promotions, and maps of the venue visit their website/ with an English language information page.

Date: 19th – 20th December 2015
Doors Open: Noon, December 19, 2015