The Quintessential Local Market in Hua Hin

The Quintessential Local Market in Hua Hin
The Quintessential Local Market in Hua Hin

The Night Market in Hua Hin is the quintessential market in town, and for good reason:
it boasts a plethora souvenirs, clothing, electronics, and massage spots. But the true star of the show is the food

Technically located on Soi 72 off Petchkasem Road, the market continues to evolve and grow, and a new entrance has sprung up on Soi 72/1. This section of the market is an indoor/outdoor mall, and connects to the main market via a winding path. Starting from Petchkasem Road and working west down Soi 72 there are a smattering of food stalls, but once across the crossroad to the back part of the soi you will find the main food stalls. The food here is fantastic.

Choosing to eat from a food stall or from one of the restaurants that spill forward into the crowded streets, one can’t go wrong. There are plenty of local foods available at the market. Vendors who specialise in just one or two items have perfected the art of those items and will most likely be delicious. Also any vendor with Thais lining up is a good indicator that the food is delicious. But the seafood is not to be missed.

Huge plump lobsters, glistening prawns, horseshoe crabs, and variety of whole fish are available and sold by weight. But then the preparations you can choose from are the icing on the cake. Want to keep it simple? Butter poach your lobster. Feeling indulgent? Try your lobster Thermidor style (trust me). Or try your whole fish deep fried with Thai spices – a classic that is always tasty. Also known as the Night Bazaar, the market is open daily from 6PM to 1AM, and is bustling with activity from the get-go.

Vendors start setting up as early as 5PM, but if you want to visit when everything is in full swing you should visit after 6:30PM. The night market is the type of market you want to take your time with – go without an agenda and just wander. Stop for a bite here, pick up a souvenir there, have another bite over there – there is no wrong way to enjoy this market.And, like all local markets in Hua Hin, admission is free.