Re-Defining The Regency Cha-Am Beach Resort

Re-Defining The Regency Cha-Am Beach Resort
Re-Defining The Regency Cha-Am Beach Resort

The Regency Cha-Am Beach Resort has hosted a big contingency of media representatives given the opportunity to better understand how the Resort has positioned itself in the region’s tourism activities and to talk about the future as a ‘redefined’ Resort facility.

According to one dictionary explanation, to redefine means to “give new meaning to.” “A really fantastic song might redefine what rock and roll can mean to people. A great muffin might redefine the idea of what a muffin can be. David Gooi, the Regency General Manager, gives guests the opportunity to enjoy a range of activities beyond just a relaxing holiday experience with all the expected modern amenities is a big part of this redefinition. The company has spent 100 million Baht for the refurbishment from swimming pool landscape, guest rooms and new banquet facility – the Sky Beachfront Deck.

We also took a short ride to see the new ‘mountain bike’ tracks where guests wanting to ‘get physical’ can now tackle the undulating tracks in either a competitive mode, just for fitness or perhaps as a family activity. The Regency commands a very large acreage so there is still plenty of room for more activities with a living ‘cultural village’ to showcase local crafts and traditions on the drawing board. The aim is to make sure that guests have the opportunity to become as active and involved as they choose ‘on site’. A lazy day around the pool or at the beach is just fine, but redefining this Resort means not taking for granted that this is enough.

After discovering one of the tour leaders was the General Manager’s secretary, we were able to arrange an impromptu interview with GM David who very graciously offered his time during his very busy day. Apart from the ‘Re-Define’ event which included music and partying into the night, the Regency was playing an important part in the 2016 Hua Hin Regatta off-shore and guests over the weekend included some 400 Bangkok Bank staff on a corporate trip from Bangkok. GM David Gooi is a Malaysian national who took up his position in the midst of the recent changes in December last year. He has been in Thailand for around 15 years and is a fluent Thai language speaker.

His secret for learning the language?, watching many hours of TV ’soapies’ and taking notes about what is being expressed. Being able to communicate with staff at all levels is an important feature of David’s management style. “Listening to frontline staff with the best knowledge of the guest experience is vital.” He describes both his own and the owner’s philosophy as based on understanding and responding to what makes the guest experience the most positive.

This includes family members of all ages (a teenager beach concert is OK) so they can all become involved. Corporate goals and targets may be important but comes to little if guests are not fully engaged. Our thanks to the Regent’s staff for their hospitality and particularly to GM David for his time and a very cordial conversation. The news to come about how the Regent is being positioned in our tourism sector is bound to be of future interest to all our readers.