The Right Food for the Right Time

The Right Food for the Right Time
The Right Food for the Right Time

Some foods that we used to think can be eaten at any time of during the day, have benefits if they are eaten at certain times of the day and may cause problems at other times and may even be toxic.

However we now have the knowledge to make the best choices for meal times. There is a proper time to eat type of food. Don’t forget to eat nutritious foods at the right time and receive the most benefit for your body!

4 Lunch Enhances the immune system Improves and repairs skin 8 Dinner May lead to mucus formation Disturb digestion Apple
4 Breahfast Apple contains Pectin which lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels 8 Dinner Pectin is hard to digest at night Increases stomach acid


4 Dinner Helps digestion Curbs late-night snack craving 8 Breakfast Makes the empty stomach very acidic Has the potential to damage stomach lining Potato 4 Breakfast Potato starch lowers cholesterol Rich in minerals 8 Dinner high calories when compared witn the other vegetable and may lead to weight gain Tomato 4 Breakfast Improves digestion Enhances metabolism 8 Dinner Because of pectin and oxalic acid may lead to stomach swelling and cause flatulence

4 Lunch High in carbohydrates Gives energy for the whole day 8 Dinner May lead to weight gain

4 Lunch Great source of iron Reduces fatigue and muscle weakness 8 Dinner Takes around 4-6 hours to digest Can damage the digestive system Sleep disturbance Nuts 4 Lunch Lowers risk of blood Good for heart health 8 Dinner High in fats & calories May lead to weight gain

4 Snack Improves digestion Increases metabolism 8 Breakfast & Main Meals Eating with an empty stomach may cause stomach irritation and gastritis Dark Chocolate
4 Breakfast Anti-oxidants are anti aging Reduces the risk of heart disease 8 Snacks High fat content May lead to weight gain