Robinson Phetchaburi Now Open : Eat-Shop-Play

Robinson Phetchaburi Now Open : Eat-Shop-Play
Robinson Phetchaburi Now Open : Eat-Shop-Play

Robinson Department Store has invested about 1 billion THB in the construction of the Robinson Lifestyle Store Phetchaburi on an area of 40 Rai. With the catch-cry ‘EatShop-Play’, the new mall opened on 19th May. Robinson Lifestyle is a new model shopping mall which local shoppers have really embraced.

Our visit on Saturday after the official Friday opening was nearly too hard!  After a circuit of the huge building and failing to find a parking space we were ready to give up. Just then a nice new Mercedes pulled out from the perfect spot directly in front of us and we were in the right place at the right time. Inside the two level mall magnified spruikers seemed to be in competition outside most shops and restaurant outlets had waiting lists.

Perhaps a week day when the novelty value of this well-known Thailand outlet coming to Phetchaburi has worn off, a calmer and mo

re pleasant visit will be possible. At around 40 kilometres north from Cha-Am, the new Robinson Lifestyle Mall provides an alternative shopping experience option with middle of the road shops and restaurants rather than the more exclusive brands. You’ll also find: Over 1,400 car parking spaces Drive-Thru Fast Food (all the usual suspects) Kids entertainment options by the score Fitness Centre & Tutoring Schools Five Screen Cinema

Where: When coming from Cha-am on the main Bangkok highway south, the centre island markers show 150 km and 500 metres (from Bangkok) outside the complex. You’ll then need to make U-turn by staying on the frontage road left and taking the first underpass. This is a kilometre or two before reaching Big C Phetchaburi.