Salad of salt-cured sockeye salmon, smoked sturgeon

Salad of salt-cured sockeye salmon, smoked sturgeon

Beetroot, pumpernickel and citrus vinaigrette

Serves 5

  • 450gm center cut salmon (Sockeye Salmon or any preferred type). This can be 5 nice portions.
  • 150gm / 150gm fine salt / caster sugar (just enough to cover the fish nicely).
  • If you like it less salty, increase the ratio of sugar. Anything over 60/40 will be more on the sweet side.
  • 50gm fresh dill, chopped.
  • 10ml gin.
  • 1gm lime zest.
  • 1gm toasted coriander seeds. 1gm whole black peppercorns.
  • 450gm smoked sturgeon (Hua Hin Farm).
  • 350gm assorted baby beetroots (Pak Nam Pran – Boutique Farmers).
  • 10gm fresh dill.
  • 15ml extra virgin olive oil.
  • 5ml white wine vinegar. 5gm longan honey.
  • 10gm Dijon mustard.
  • 1gm fresh horseradish (grated). Edible flowers to do a nice presentation (Pak Nam Pran – Boutique Farmers). Pumpernickel crackers.
  • 15 pcs. caper berries.

1. Mix salt, sugar and pepper and sprinkle it beneath and on top of the salmon filet along with plenty of dill. Place a weighted cutting board on top of the salmon filet and let it marinate at room temperature for 2–4 hours. Then refrigerate for 24−48 hours, turning the salmon filet a few times. Rinse the salmon in cold water. Cut into thin slices without getting too close to the skin, so the dark salmon is included.

2. Slice sturgeon as per sample picture or your style

3. You can use the beetroot cooked or raw but if raw slice very thinly and season generously.

4. Plating, or putting everything together, is the most exciting part. Start by placing the beetroot slices. Then arrange the fish and finish off with the delicious honey mustard dressing and greens.

5. To make the pumpernickel crackers, slice the bread very thinly. This is easier to do if the bread is frozen. Then sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil and some salt to create a nice crumble with a crispy texture. 6. Last not least give it a nice splash of dressing and salt to combine all the flavors together. 7. Enjoy at room temperature