She Sells Seafood by the Seashore

She Sells Seafood by the Seashore
She Sells Seafood by the Seashore

One of the features of the southern part of the Cha-Am Beach Road (Ruamchit Road) is very fresh seafood for sale, but also seafood restaurants of the ‘street-food’ variety.

What this means is that you can enjoy seafood prepared by the locals in the most authentic way. There’s no need to be shy, foreigners are very welcome and the prices are amazing. For example 500 grams of cooked prawns are 250 THB, but there are many choices with a price tag of less than 150 THB and a large bottle of Leo beer will only set you back 60 THB. There’s no wine list but no problems if you want to bring your own drinks of any description.

Maybe also bring a wine glass as the glasses (clean and cold) won’t have a stem. You can even organise an ice bucket; we used one for a large beer. Ice in a glass of beer is available, but that’s a mortal sin where I come from! We followed a recommendation to dine across the road from the beach where Khun Daeng has been providing her customers with varieties of mussels, prawns, scallops, crab and fish for over eight years. Prior to deciding to be her own boss, she cooked similar offerings at a nearby resort where she leant the art of food presentation. This means that the dishes are a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.

Here’s one comment left by a recent American diner: “Rick said that he had the best seafood dishes ever at your restaurant last night. That’s big – since we come from the Pacific NW of the U.S., an area known for great seafood. Please tell the chef! Thanks for a wonderful visit as well – Susan & Rick.”

Khun Daeng and her supply of fresh seafood. Highly recommended by Gillis from the Netherlands There’s room for up to 30 diners if you want to take over the premises to book for a special occasion with a difference and show off your local knowledge. Apart from the large menu (Thai and English) you will see a backdrop picturing many of the choices with an English language description to make the order easier to manage; just point! Takeaways are also on offer for a dinner party at home.

Cha-Am has plenty of more sophisticated restaurants, but you won’t get any closer to the ocean or any fresher seafood. If the quality of the cuisine and maybe the cost is more important than the number of ‘stars’, seafood at this real street food stall in Cha-Am won’t disappoint. Where: Take a stroll south along the Cha-Am beach road past soi 4 south for about 200 metres until you see Khun Daeng with her distinctive and ever-present hat. The external sign is only in Thai. The premises open at 8 AM until around 9 – 10 PM but closes on Wednesdays.