Suan Bua The Centara’s Secret Lotus Garden Restaurant

Suan Bua The Centara’s Secret Lotus Garden RestaurantSuan Bua The Centara’s Secret Lotus Garden Restaurant
Suan Bua The Centara’s Secret Lotus Garden Restaurant

The Centara Grand Beach Resort and Villas Hua Hin has a secret.  A secret that is, unless you’ve been a guest at one of the Centara’s villas when the delights of the Suan Bua Restaurant are more visible.

Presenting delectable Thai home-style cuisine and regional specialties, the restaurant is located within the Resort’s Villa setting and generally out of sight to many Centara visitors. It’s not generally found accidentally, word of mouth has been the way many have discovered this hidden gem. Translated, Suan Bua means ‘Lotus Garden.’ From the main Centara entrance, you need to stroll through the magnificent topiary gardens before crossing Soi 61 or just drive down this Soi from the traffic lights past Naresdamri Road until reaching the separate Villa entrance (with parking) to the left.
Once you’ve found the Villa entrance you’ll quickly come across the restaurant with the options of pool-side or indoor dining in a setting with a relaxed, peaceful ambience.

Following the water lotus, pool side and nearby beach frontage lead, there is a laidback nautical feel. Perhaps that’s because of the blue and white minimalist décor but the feature wall display of wooden oars certainly adds to that feel. The Suan Bua’s Sous Chef Khun Thirithat proudly presented three signature dishes for our lunchtime enjoyment. Suan Bua’s a la carte menu showcases the best of Thai local dishes with the tangy and spicy flavours of north-eastern Thailand cuisine to rich and smooth curries. These offerings were Deep Fried River Prawns with Tamarind Sauce (Goong Maenam Tod Sauce Makham), Deep Fried Minced Prawn with Green Mango and Spicy Sweet Lime Dressing (Yam Goong fu) and Salmon Fillet topped with Red Curry and Sweet Cocoanut Sauce (Chu Chee Pla Salmon). Working off the three T’s – ‘taste, texture and temperature’, our assessment was at the very top of the scale.

When it comes to temperature; or strength of spicy hot (‘phet’ in Thai) you have a choice. Just check out the number of chilies pictured alongside the menu item; you may also choose to modify the level by consulting the very service-oriented staff. The flavours are surprising; combinations of spices and added flavours within each dish to match the main ingredient, subtle but always adding another tasty element. After a recent visit and review by ‘Thailand Tattler’, the news will soon be out this restaurant. After a ‘wink and a nod’, the Suan Bua is set to be promoted in this organisation’s presentation of Thailand’s best dining establishments.

The secret will soon be revealed and the Suan Bua will be recognized and take its rightful place amongst Hua Hin’s finest. Our suggestion: Try out the Thai Temple Fair as a Wednesday evening Suan Bua special; an amazing Thai cultural event with cuisine and indigenous music to savour.

About Suan Bua Thai Restaurant Location: Part of the Grand Beach Resort and Villa complex but with a separate entrance to the Villa setting off Soi 61 Hua Hin. Type of Cuisine: Home-style Thai cuisine Seating Capacity: 100 (including a private room for more intimate special occasions) Opening Hours: 6:30 hrs.- 22:30 hrs. Contact: Phone: +66 (0) 3251 2021-38 Email: www.centarahotelsresorts