The Spirit of ‘Bon Vivant’ at the Centara Grand Jazzy Weekend July 14th is the annual French National Day and a fitting date last month for the second performance by French musician Aude Lhôtelais at the Centara Grand Resort Hua Hin’s ‘Jazzy Weekend’.


The previous evening’s soirée was at the COAST Beach Club & Bistro with Aude’s expressive sultry vocal talent and evocative saxophone accompanied by the Centara’s own musical duo on stage performing some musical classics. This was a fully booked evening of fine dining and fine entertainment beach side on an equally sultry evening.

Smooth jazz and Bossa Nova was the musical theme of the evening with Aude preferring to sing in the original language of the song, including ‘Brazilian-Portuguese’; perhaps the mother tongue of Bossa Nova. That favoured musical style could be described as a fusion of samba and jazz. Bossa Nova or ‘new trend’ or ‘new wave’ is perhaps the best know musical export from Brazil; but who doesn’t know ‘The Girl from Ipanema’?

Being the French national day, the second evening’s performance featured many more French songs and perhaps a more intimate occasion at the Centara Elephant Bar.

Aude was in her element with French language interchanges and songs such as such as Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, J’aime Paris au Mois de Mai; Vive La France! Aude (as she is known on her latest CD), is no stranger to Hua Hin. There’s a story that her husband Gilles was a long term platonic friend who had decided to move here to open a restaurant as an adjunct to his jazz bar in Le Havre, France.

However separation provoked much stronger feelings and a mutual realisation that there was too much at stake for a long term separation. That reunion led to marriage several years ago at the Monsoon Valley vineyard.

An independent eye witness describes the wedding as a very romantic occasion with Aude serenading her new husband on the balcony of the Sala Restaurant and not a dry eye or glass in the house!

Now apart from continuing her career in France, including the production of musical theatre and pantomime, the family, including daughter Maliann, will remain as frequent visitors to Thailand with performances in Bangkok and always at the Centara in Hua Hin.

It may be another year before Aude graces the stage at the Centara with some members of the local French population hoping that can again coincide with their national day.

But in the meantime there will be many more opportunities to experience the beachside ambiance and fine dining of this iconic Hua Hin Resort.

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