The Summery New Flavours of Sheraton Pranburi Villas

The Summery New Flavours of Sheraton Pranburi Villas
The Summery New Flavours of Sheraton Pranburi Villas

Hua Hin is rapidly becoming a favorite holiday destination for most travelers in Thailand and it’s not hard to see why. With its beaches, fusion of tropical and vintage styles in architecture and design, friendly people, playful monkeys at Khao Takiab, vibrant night market scenes and the beautiful King’s summer palace, what’s not to like?

The most striking feature of Hua Hin is its myriad array of food. From traditional spicy street food to luxury intercontinental dishes, you name it and Hua Hin has it. One such place that offers a unique and pleasant culinary experience would be Sheraton Pranburi Villas; most particularly the Sheraton Villa located some 7 kilometers south from the main town in Pranburi.

My friend and I were greeted by a warm staff , warm lights and tropical palm trees. We ordered the Mango Moonlight and the Pranburi beach to start the dinner off. Refreshing, fruity and colorful, these are the perfect drinks for a relaxing day at the beach. Eager and excited to taste Chef Chanawin Supsin’s food, we started off with a lobster appetizer which I could not describe to you as anything but summer on a plate. The lobster was tender taking center stage alongside crunchy and vibrant orange carrots, fresh green cucumbers and tiny purple and yellow flowers. The second dish we ordered was a simple but delicious dish of deep fried prawns wrapped in basil leaves and served with a sweet chili sauce.

The basil was light and went well with the sweet and tender perfection that was the prawn. The dish screamed Thai food while not being as overwhelming in flavor; we all know how generous the Thais are with their spices. It was served in a frying wire basket with a banana leaf underneath that hinted that it really is the simple things that are the most wonderful. We next ordered the Duck with black truffle sauce.

The tender medium duck and the dark truffle sauce were balanced out with bright orange carrots and tiny yellow and purple flowers. The overall impression was that it was an earthy and warm dish that went well with the warm and intimate setting of the restaurant. The last dish we tried was the steamed sea bass with apple sauce and crispy vegetables.

The golden sauce was made from apples and ginger and served with sautéed vegetables. Light, colorful and delicious, the sea bass was a pleasant way to end the dinner. Overall, I felt like the dinner was themed after the vibrant summers of Hua Hin, with its numerous varieties of fresh fruits, colorful flowers, beaches and the fresh seafood. This is a menu definitely worth trying if you are looking a new culinary experience this summer in Hua Hin. For more information call: 032-708-000.