You may have heard about the Night Market in Hua Hin and even passed by it many times thinking ‘it’s probably nothing special’. You couldn’t be more wrong. From fish spas, to barbequed lobsters, outdoor bars and its vibrant atmosphere, the Night Market offers a one of a kind experience filled with food, fun and energy. Here are some things to do in the Night Market that will help you experience and fully enjoy all it has to offer.

Get a T-Art Made

A lot of people love taking selfies or having portraits made of themselves, but the only fun way to do it is to get your portrait done on a T-shirt. In the Chatsila Market, you will find an artist surrounded by people watching him as he spray paints cartoon portraits on white t-shirts in no more than 10 minutes. A color portrait costs THB 399 and a black and white portrait costs THB 299. It is an interesting memento worth making and keeping to remember Hua Hin fondly in the future.

Ko Seafood

The Hua Hin night market is most well known for its large variety of fresh seafood, so fresh that you get to pick your choice of seafood and have it prepared right there for you. The BBQ Lobster with Garlic Sauce or the BBQ Lobster with butter is the most popular even though the lobster is not from Hua Hin itself. It costs THB 1800 for a 1 kg lobster and 900 THB for a half kg at Ko’s Seafood. Expensive but worth it especially since you’ll be in the amusing company of a server named Mr. Phad Thai (thai for fried noodles).

Mango Sticky Rice at Chatsila

One cannot leave the night market without having tried the Mango Sticky Rice. At the Chatsila Night Market, a mango sticky rice stall is located right next to the live singer and guitarist. A small helping will cost you only THB 40 or if you have an exceptionally sweet tooth the medium costs THB 60 and the large one is THB 80. It is a perfect sweet end to a wonderful night out.


The night market has a handful of Rotee (crepe) stands, but the one you want to visit is the one in the upper night market where you will meet Nui, the theatrical rotee maker who will entertain you with his enthusiastic and hilarious rotee making skills. The Rotee with egg and banana with chocolate syrup is THB 40 and definitely the one you should try.

Fish Spa

Have you ever had a fish spa? If you haven’t then this is your chance. In the Chatsila market, you will find a number of fish tanks with bright lights and tiny fishes that nibble on your feet. It is a ticklish experience and definitely worth a try. Plus, fish spa boasts many health benefits and it comes at THB 100 for 15 minutes and THB 150 for a whole 30 minutes.

Hua Hin chestnuts

In the upper night market, you will find a narrow little stall with a man roasting chestnuts. Delicious, warm and cheap, you can buy half a kg for 140 THB and 1 kg for THB 280.

Hua Hin Souvenirs

Located in the upper night market, the Hua Hin Reminder is a wacky looking souvenir stand with everything from plastic severed arms, masks of well known personalities like George Bush, Osama, Saddam and many more. They also have rubber snakes, wind chimes and Hua Hin fridge magnets that would make cheap and useful gifts or souvenirs to take back home. The fridge magnets cost only THB 20 each. If not to buy anything, this shop is worth visiting just for a laugh.

Napat Massage

What better way to relax than getting a nice foot massage after hours of walking the streets of Hua Hin? The Napat Massage outdoor parlour is located at the entrance of the Chatsila night market. There you will be greeted by women wearing bright orange t-shirts and warm welcoming smiles. They offer a relaxing foot massage for an affordable THB 99 for 30 minutes. You can even get a whole body massage for THB 170 for a full hour.


The Queen of Fruits, as dubbed by the Thais, the Mangosteen fruit is now in season. For anyone who hasn’t tried it yet, this would the best time. You will find mangosteens at the first fruit stall upon entering the night market called the Pranee Fruit Shop that sells a whole kilogram of mangosteen for THB 90. Of course you can find the fruit at every fruit stand costing around the price. You can also try other fresh fruits that are on sale as well.

Aliyu Tea Shop

If you’re not much of a drinker, then you might want to try the Thai Tea at the Aliyu Tea Shop opposite the Retro Bar. Refreshing and not overwhelmingly sweet, the Thai Tea is perfect for a balmy night and sells for only

Ko Knockout Bar

In the same restaurant, Ko SeaFood, you will also find a small bar, Ko Knockout Bar, where you can sit and absorb the energy of the night market while enjoying a beer or a cocktail. The best seller Sawasdee Hua Hin costs THB 120.

Decoration Lights

In the upper night market area, you will find a shop adorned with bright fairy lights where they will sell you ball lights only for THB 250 and flower lights for THB 500. They are beautiful to look at and will make great decorations or presents to take back home.

Crispy Mini Waffle

This crunchy bite sized delight is a delicious snack filled with sweet cream and coconut shavings wrapped in a crispy mini crepe. It costs THB 10 for 10 pieces. You can find this stand at the entrance of the night market.

Pork Salad

In the Chatsila night market you will find a small food court where you can get delicious papaya salad with pork or beef salad. It is dish filled with flavor and it costs only THB 50.