Welcome Air Space in Khao Takiab

Welcome Air Space in Khao Takiab

Air Space, located in Khao Takiab, has recently been shortlisted as one of the most stunning interior design – restaurants & bars – in 2016, announced by the INSIDE World Festival of Interiors

The Space can be enjoyed through three distinct Spaces – The Café, The Restaurant, and The Outdoor Garden Bar. Upon the entrance from the stairways, the glasshouse barnlike café is on the right. It is designed for you to see people socializing and to be seen socializing. It is truly a place to order a coffee and camp out at your preferred corner. The full list of caffeine necessities, fresh squeezed juice, smoothies, soda, etc. is at your services. Offering a selection of comfort foods including an array of breakfast essentials and housemade desserts, the French toast is highly recommended as a final touch of your meal.

From there, you would never know you have been hovering over such a comfortable couch for hours. The Café is also truly a place for anyone who would like to work remotely from an outdoor patio that feels cut off from the city within a city. The Restaurant is on the other side of the Space. The glasshouse barn-like, with a full-scaled replica of the world’s first aircraft – 1903 Wright Flyer – hanging from the ceiling, is simply stunning. The kitchen delivers bold, yet sophisticated Thai cuisine.

The must-try dishes include herbed pomelo salad with grilled shrimp and deep-fried wild betel leaves, massaman curry with chicken, deep-fried sea bass with fish sauce and spicy mango salad, steamed egged squid with spiced lime and garlic sauce, and broiled pork neck served with seasoned Thai rice noodles. For Western fare, the recommended menus are baked mussels with tomato sauce and cream sauce, seafood bisque, spaghetti aglio e olio with bacon, and pan-fried sea bass. For a big party, the Space can comfortably accommodate up to 150 people. If you ever know that many humans, congratulations! Otherwise, Air Space would be happy to be a spot for your dinner affair.