What Is Clean Food?

Colonial Comfort Food
Colonial Comfort Food

Healthy lifestyle trends are extremely popular. Whether it’s T25, pilates, yoga, cycling, swimming, or even the eating trend of Clean Food. More than 50% of health lovers must have heard of the expression Clean Food.

“Clean Food” is the food using the least seasoning or don’t use it at all. It’s the no-processed–food that we take into our body, such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, brown rice, no-fried-foods, or no-grilled-foods. In a broad sense, it can be divided into 2 categories as follow: Food with no contamination:Food contamination can be caused by germs – as in well-cooked-foods, from parasite – not half-cooked; or from chemicals – no insecticide, no repeatedly heated oil used. So it’s beneficial to our body and non-toxicant. Nutritious food: food from all 5 food groups, namely proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats. Eating a variety of nutritious foods from each of the 5 food groups in sufficient proportion. Trying to avoid food with strong flavour.

And eat lots of vegetables and fruits. So what should be done before trying “Clean Food”? Refraining from tea and coffee is the first thing you should do, because tea and coffee will give your body the sweetness from sugar and other substances that are not good for your body. Trade your snacks for vegetables, fruits, and beans. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices are also acceptable.

Try starting out with tasty-and-easy-to-make clean food first. Start with one meal per day, then change to more varieties and more meals per day later on. Eating “Clean Food”, along with exercising, has a lot of benefits for your body. Such benefits include being healthy and, of course, weight loss. According to the exercise rule, we should not take a heavy meal at least 1-2 hours before the exercise. But if you have to have such a heavy meal, then you need to wait around 2-3 hours before the exercise.

However if you have heavy meal after exercise, there is a higher chance for you to gain weight. It is best for you to exercise in the morning because you haven’t eat yet. Also, because morning exercise accelerates your metabolism. But one thing you should never forget is drinking clean water after the exercise, or mineral water to make up with those minerals lost with sweat. Eating “Clean Food” is a pleasurable thing, it means we are taking case of our health more by being more careful about what we put in our mouth.