Wora Bura’s Rak Talay Alfresco BBQ

Wora Bura’s Rak Talay Alfresco BBQ
Wora Bura’s Rak Talay Alfresco BBQ

If you haven’t added Wora Bura to your list of places to visit and dine then you really should. The reason why, starts with the entrance of the hotel, which is called The Museum, it is like stepping into a by-gone era , exhuming an impressive colonial appearance and feels like you are entering Thailand for the first time.

Beautifully decorated in a colonial style, the entrance has a collection of historic pictures of the Royal Family. The hotel has 77 luxurious rooms and 3 villas with views of the outdoor landscape from each of their own private balconies. Each room represents one province, decorated to celebrate that province’s history and style. This well designed resort and spa offers a stunning seaside dining experience. Rak Talay restaurant is positioned idyllically by the sea along Takiab beach. The Saturday night BBQ is highly recommended and surely worth a visit. A walk through their lush garden and beautiful pool, one arrives at a comfortable, relaxed dining area near the beach.

This alfresco space is welcoming for any occasion; be it family night, date night or a social event with friends. Every Saturday evening, the Rak Talay restaurant hosts a seafood and kebab BBQ. Fresh seafood grilled and attractively served on a platter and comes with a beautiful and well-known spicy Thai seafood sauce. The selection of seafood is phenomenal. Easy ordering allows you to pick and choose your favorites or simply order a combination plate and delight yourself in what the sea and Rak Talay has to offer. Anyone who enjoys a good BBQ will be expecting some well grilled meat.

Rak Talay does not disappoint, it grills a stellar kebob. Chicken, pork or beef at 100 THB per skewer is something that should not be missed. The meat comes perfectly grilled and accompanied by both a BBQ sauce and Thai spicy sauce. This is not just ‘dining out’, it is a celebration of food . Live music and a fire show contribute to the ambiance of this food event. A gentle dinner music compliments the mood in the restaurant and the 7:30 pm the fire show is both fun and exciting. So, if you are looking for a place to enjoy food and socialize, whether that be a group or a relaxed dinner out for two, Wora Bura and their seaside restaurant Rak Talay is the place to create fond memories while having a great dinner.