Your Mid-Week Outing @ the Cha-Am Beach

Your Mid-Week Outing @ the Cha-Am Beach
Your Mid-Week Outing @ the Cha-Am Beach

It’s a happening thing on the Cha-Am beach every Tuesday and Wednesdays evening with entertainment and market offerings each week until the end of February.

It’s well worthwhile making a midweek outing for the archetypical Cha-Am experience. That means a laid back very casual family oriented beachside venue demonstrating the charm of Cha-Am. ‘Outing @ Cha-Am’ began last month to transform the quieter end of the Cha-Am beach into a feast of the senses; whether they be visual, auditory or to tempt the taste buds. It’s an outing to dig your feet into the sands and have a very relaxing time from 4 PM. Entertainment may be provided by musicians, comics, dancers or movies on the stage as this very family friendly event.

On the opening night an appearance from ‘Mr Bean’ was a highlight. There’s a ‘picnic-like’ atmosphere with open grills and casual market style food options with OTOP products and artistic creations providing the backdrop.

There’s plenty of seating if you prefer to be off the sands; just help yourself to the market food before settling in to enjoy the entertainment – and that’s free! Outing @ Cha-Am When: Now happening every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4 PM until the end of February Where: On the open beach off the Beach Road at the northern end of the main Cha- Am beach. The bright lights of the market are easy to find.

Cost: Free entry and entertainment with food at market prices.
For more information: TAT Phetchaburi Office
Tel. 032-471005-6