Black Mountain now Sha Plus+ Certified

Black Mountain now Sha Plus+ Certified
Black Mountain now Sha Plus+ Certified

TAT has introduced an initiative known as the Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA). The SHA scheme is part of Thailand’s ongoing efforts to raise safety standards in the travel and tourism industry and restore the confidence of domestic and international tourists following the worldwide Covid-19 crisis.

Following the full vaccination of all Black Mountain staff, and a thorough inspection by the Prachuap Health Department, Black Mountain have received full SHA Plus+ certification.

Black Mountain’s general manager, Harald Elisson, said “We are very pleased to be able to offer our guests the assurance of SHA Plus+ certification. Personal wellbeing is at the front of everyone’s mind and Black Mountain has always considered the safety of it’s guests and staff a number 1 priority, but especially so in these uncertain times”.

SHA Plus+ certification gives assurance to visitors with 5 key safeguards! 70% of all staff have been vaccinated (Black Mountain staff 100%) Strict following of the Covid-19 control guidelines set by the Ministry of Public Health Appropriate raised levels of hygiene and sanitation in all areas and facilities Clean and safe transport links between attractions and local communities Trained staff ensuring the security and safety of everyone Harald added “With the most rigorous safety protocols in place across the whole operation, Black Mountain is ready to welcome visitors to a clean & safe Golf Course, Restaurant, Water Park & Hotel”. As the “Plus+” certification process continues across the nation, Thailand gets closer to being able to open nationally to international arrivals.