Golf fitness and perspective – Strength & Weakness


The golf swing is an amazingly complex sequence of motion. There’s movement around just about every joint in the body — from the way your fingers grip the club to the way your toes move as you pivot your back foot.

The golf swing will expose your weaknesses. It will show you where you are too tight and it will show you where you are not strong enough. Most of us play to our strengths and try to ignore our weaknesses – and don’t address our poor habits.

You may be able to get by with this strategy in your day-to-day life, but once you pick up a golf club, even the most visibly fit looking players will have their weaknesses exposed — just as clearly as the emperor without any clothes.

A sound golf fitness program has to assess your individual Golf Body. It has to determine exactly what is too tight and what is too weak about YOUR Golf Body. We’re all built and shaped differently. We’ve all had injuries and other physical setbacks in our lives.

The key to improving your game is to figure out what about your current Golf Body is preventing you from swinging the club correctly. Once the issues have been identified and isolated, it becomes much easier to fix them…and — as a result — fix your game. Your game will improve not because of some magical “secret,” but because of logic, the science of biomechanics, and your hard work.

By Coach Joey D