Golf is a safe activity and courses should not be closed


Golf courses are businesses that should be allowed to remain open regardless of increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases in the locality, outdoor sports are safe because the sun will kill the virus, and as many thousands of people are employed they should not be closed down as a panic response.

Dr. Manoon Lee Chaweng Wong, a specialist in respiratory diseases at Vichaiyut Hospital, has posted a message on his personal Facebook page about the reasons for giving some places such as golf courses exemption from closure. Because golf is an outdoor sport, and Thailand is a hot sunny country where the heat from the sun can kill Covid-19, the UV light in sunlight can kill the virus on various surfaces within 4 minutes and kill the virus that emanates from the breath in 2 minutes, in addition, there is the natural wind on the golf course and of course it is totally ventilated.

Golf in Thailand is played in groups of no more than 5 people, but with a wide field players do not have to face each other and can at all times be spaced 1-2 metres apart, both players and caddies are required to wear masks and manage their hygiene. If required, use of golf carts, dining rooms, showers, changing rooms and toilets can be restricted, and body temperature measurements taken every time players enter buildings, during this period organising of golf tournaments can be limited.

There are 238 golf courses across the country, and these courses provide many thousands of jobs helping people and the nation’s economy. The caddy doesn’t have to be close to Golfers, just hand over the golf club, and golfers and caddies can wear a mask all the time, and if using a golf cart, only the player is allowed to drive and the caddy clings to the back platform. Food kiosks on golf courses are open-air, usually with no doors or windows, in enclosed spaces do not turn on any air-conditioning and try to sit apart, caddies can prepare their own food.

In the locker room used to change clothes, you can use the toilets, but it is possible to not allow showering because the club may not want the mask to be removed. The principle is that all workers are constantly in the fresh air but are still required to wear masks, wash hands, practice social distancing, and temperatures are regularly checked, alcohol hand wash is also provided at different points of entry to the buildings. Golf tournaments may not be held to prevent too many people gathering after the tournament.