Majestic Report

Majestic’s Report
Majestic’s Report

During the last 4 weeks we have played 3 competitions. The one on the 18th November was unable to be completed, due to very heavy rain and Thunderstorm As previously reported, all our staff and caddies have been fully vaccinated against COVID 19 and are being tested on a regular basis with ANTIGEN TESTS.

This process will continue until further notice. Course A is now open, although there is still some work to be done to bring it up to scratch. This work is being hampered by the current inclement weather.

Our Weekly Club Competition, which is open to members and non members, is held every Thursday. Any golfer wishing to participate, can either register at the Pro Shop, which is currently situated in the entrance hall, or by email to, All the results for the competitions can be seen on To view, log on to societies, search for majestic creek golf club and resort, password “putter” The results can also be seen on the large scoreboard on the area in front of the clubhouse.

Majestic Creek Golf and Country Club, Hua Hin offers privileges for all golfers who have been vaccinated against COVID 19 as follows; WITH YOUR PROOF OF VACCINATION, you are offered a free round of golf for each dose of vaccine, limited to a maximum of 3 rounds of golf until 31st December 2021 This privilege if free only for Green Fee, Caddies and Golf Carts are extra. Please show proof of vaccination at the pro shop when you register to play. This privilege cannot be used with any other privileges at our golf course. Please make your booking 7 days in advance.


1st Pau Morris 40 points playing off 19
2nd Xavier Diana 39 points playing off 14
3rd Pam Thomson 38 points playing off 21

Guest Prize
Gills Langlois 36 points playing off 21
Nearest The Pin Prizes
Hole C2 Jean Paul Capbern
Hole C6 Steve Hollis
Hole B12 Maem Marungrong
Hole B17 Jean Paul Capbern

1st Robert Jones 41 points playing off 18
2nd Peter Eberle 41 points playing off 20
3rd Frank Ullrich 39 points playing off 6
Paul Unthank also had 39 points but lost on a countback.

Guest Prize
Steve Hollis 35 points playing off 26
Nearest The Pin Prizes
Hole C2 Steve Hollis
Hole C5 Maem Marungrong
Hole B12 Peter Eberle
Hole B17 Didier Marchand

4th November there was no competition owing to The Majestic Creek Masters being staged over 4 days commencing on that day.

1st Xavier Diana 40 points playing off 14
2nd Richard Gaskell 40 points playing off 15
(losing on a countback).
3rd Paul Unthank 38 points playing off 10

Guest Prize
Goran Karlsson 26 points playing off 16
Nearest The Pin Prizes
Hole C2 Goran Karlsson
Hole C5 Maem Marungrong
Hole B12 Xavier Diana
Hole B17 Paul Unthank