Migrant Workers Barred from Golf Caddy Jobs

Migrant Workers Barred from Golf Caddy Jobs
Migrant Workers Barred from Golf Caddy Jobs

Migrant workers have been barred from legally working as caddies at golf courses in Thailand

Department of Employment’s (DOE) Director-General Anurak Tossarat said he was concerned about rumors that some golf clubs have stopped employing Thai nationals as caddies and turned instead to migrant workers. He said the DOE has never issued any employment permit for migrant workers to work as caddies, which is one of the occupations currently reserved for the Thai people. The DOE will have officials inspect golf clubs and inform employers of the protocols and guidelines for migrant worker employment.

Both employers and employees found violating the regulation, be it employers of migrant workers without valid work permits, or those of migrant workers for unpermitted occupations, will be subject to 10,000 – 200,000 THB in fines for each employee involved, or a maximum of a one-year imprisonment for repeated offenses, or a three-year ban on migrant workers employment. Migrant workers found without work permits or being employed in unpermitted occupations will be subject to 5,000 – 50,000 THB in fines followed by deportation.