New golfers’ most common mistakes


Golf isn’t the easiest game to learn for first-timers. It’s confusing and intimidating, and if you’re teaching a newcomer to play golf, it can often be tricky to know where to start.

  1. LEAD HAND GRIP – The new golfers almost always have their left hand in the wrong position when they grip the club. A great golf tip for beginners is to use a classically neutral left-hand grip, which serves as a great starting point. To do that, grab the club making sure you see the first two knuckles on your left hand, like this:

  1. TRAIL HAND GRIP – Most new golfers almost always grip the club incorrectly with both hands. If you’re not gripping the club correctly, it’s really hard to make consistent contact and get the ball flying straight.

Start gripping the club correctly, and that’s half (well, actually, two-thirds) of the battle      won. That’s when you got a good starter left-hand grip already, and then see the first          two knuckles on your left hand. Once your left hand’s in a good spot, here’s another golf      tip for beginners: Place the pad of your trail hand over your left-hand thumb so it’s            covered up. You can either use a-finger baseball grip, interlock your left index finger          with your right pinky, or use an overlap grip.

  1. POSTURE – And finally, the third mistake that’s most common in new golfers, along with the grip, is an incorrect posture. New golfers tend to stand too upright or too bent over, which contributes to lots of chunks and whiffs. You can’t hit good shots if your spine isn’t set up in a way that can make contact with the ball consistently. Because after all, your arms are swinging around your body, so your body had better be in a good position.