HOWZAT? Cricket in Hua Hin

HOWZAT? Cricket in Hua Hin
HOWZAT? Cricket in Hua Hin

The 21st Bangkok Post Hua Hin Invitational Cricket Sixes tournament was played at the Dusit Thani Hua Hin in April.
The outfield was in perfect shape and the pitch set to assist both batsmen and bowlers with the weather sunny and very warm.

The 20 participating teams were particularly strong, especially in the toptier Cup competition. The 2015 winners, Thai Thevada, was boosted by the addition of national team star Bobby Raina and Australian Mick Lewis. A strong Carlton CC line-up, two more experienced Melbourne (Australia) clubs, and the Walton Warriors all had their eyes on the Cup. Writing about cricket for the uninitiated requires explanations about many expressions that are a part of the game. Our first example, ‘Howzat’, is really a shortened version of ‘How was that?’, a shout imploring the umpire to declare a batsman dismissed.

Or as the somewhat laconic Australian commentators put it “that’s salmon and trout” or in rhyming slang ‘that’s out’ or dismissed. The ‘initiated’ are likely to have come from one of the traditional cricketing nations; namely England, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, South Africa and the grouping of Caribbean islands known as the West Indies. More recent arrivals on the cricket scene include Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. Thailand is an associate member of the International Cricket Council (the 2nd level) since 2005. Thailand’s elite was certainly influenced by the British, and cricket infiltrated Thailand via the kids of elite Thai families who studied in England and were subjected to the game.

The traditional form of cricket has eleven team members, sometimes lasting over five days and few restrictions on who can bowl or a maximum score for a batsman. A Test Match is the oldest, and the most intense form of cricket. The first officially recognised Test match began in Melbourne, Australia between England and Australia on March 15, 1877. As English bowler Jim Laker once said: “The aim of English cricket is, in fact, mainly to beat Australia.” The Hua Hin Sixes Version of Cricket As the name ‘sixes’ suggests this version of the game (there are many others) has six members per team, 5 x 6 ball overs and only one over per bowler. A batsman can only score 35 runs before compulsory retirement.

This is a fast scoring game with not many fielders out there to intercept the ball. With only one innings for each team, a game lasts for about 40 minutes. Results Walton Warriors, who represented Bangladesh in the Cup segment of the tournament, became the first team to be unbeaten on their way to lifting the title. Former captain of the Bangladesh National Cricket Team Naimur Rahman Durjoy, along with other national cricketers including Elias Sunny and Mohammad Sharif played for Walton Warriors. Mohammad Sharif scored an unbeaten 22 while Elias Sunny scored 16. Sunny was awarded player of the match prize for his all round performance as he also claimed one wicket.