Hua Hin Ladies in a “Men’s Playground”


There’s a saying that ‘Thailand is a men’s playground’. Well, now Hua Hin ladies are having just as much fun!

The ‘Hua Hin Ladies’ Facebook group was created in October 2016. Thai, foreign expat and visitors are all welcome to join the group; it’s intended to be social, fun and informative. Eighteen months and the group has topped 2,000 members. The page is a platform for members to ask questions and get information about Hua Hin, Thailand and Thai culture that are of specific or particular interest to women. Mums often have questions about schools and want to connect with other parents. Business women can forge relationships in commerce. Some want to find other girls to party. Others simply want to find a good hairdresser or yoga class. You get the idea; it’s a page for ladies to share information and meet like-minded people or get out of their comfort zone and mix in an entirely different circle. The Hua Hin Ladies are about much more than wining & dining The group also aims to bring Thai and foreign women together and learn from each other’s cultures and languages. As with most expat communities, there is a multitude of nationalities amongst its members. Although the group was created and is administrated by foreign expats, there is a strong focus to bring the expat and local Thai community together. Many foreign expat members have a healthy interest in Thai etiquette and culture as well as supporting local businesses and charities. Many of the Thai members enjoy meeting and socialising with foreign ladies or getting their businesses known within the expat community. Members can create events so they can meet new people in town or catch up with old friends. There is a regular monthly lunch as well as regular coffee mornings; a ‘Parler Francais’ monthly meet up; a Thai language group gathering, quiz nights, book swaps; and various sport and fitness groups. Hua Hin has a plethora of social activities for women. There is something for everyone, for all ages and all nationalities. Hua Hin Ladies helps its members find it. To learn more, just see the Hua Hin Ladies Facebook page, you’re welcome to join and likely to like. Men may also learn a thing or two!