A Light Bulb Moment for Khun Pornchanok

A Light Bulb Moment for Khun Pornchanok
A Light Bulb Moment for Khun Pornchanok

Imagine, you are a newcomer in Hua Hin, you have just moved into your nice little house or condo, everything went smooth and easy. Finally it’s time to enjoy Hua Hin’s sunshine and beaches, what a perfect world!

The airconditioner runs almost silently, in the background you can hear your washing machine and dishwasher doing their cleaning jobs while the water pump takes care for a constant jet stream out of the shower. But suddenly ….silence. Not a single sound from the machines, no light in the fuse box, everything is dead. What happened ? What can I do ? Ok, asked the neighbours if they know somebody who can help. Yes, the third one gave me a telephone number of a handyman he had worked with in the past, very good, I told my husband George, he’s German, to make an appointement immediately.

He dialed the number and after a short while an answer with a friendly “sawasdee krup” and a flood of Thai words that he did not understand. I am sure the guy on the other end of the line did not understand a single word of what my husband tried to explain. Nobody can expect a Thai handyman to be multilingual, just somebody with enough experience and equipment to do his job. That was the moment, when I first got the idea of building a bridge between different languages to help people understand each other in these situations. The handyman and his team did a good job and solved my problems within a couple of hours convincing me to work on my idea to solve langauage difficulties when there is an electrical problem.

After researching the internet, newspapers and forums, I found out that there is nobody doing any promotion of electrical services in Hua Hin, I started with some thousands of leaflets distributed to farang communities Not an easy job in the heat of the day and hard to calculate the results. Hua Hin Electrical Service was born! But the success really came after I announced my services in the well known Hua Hin Today newspaper. The staff is very helpful to young entrepreneurs like me and gave me the opportunity to introduce myself in this article. Now I work with two teams of real electricians; we can handle almost everything electricrical from repairs of a small kitchen appliance to replacing cable networks.