Local Golfers Encouraged to Take On the Cha-Am Challenge

Local Golfers Encouraged to Take On the Cha-Am Challenge
Local Golfers Encouraged to Take On the Cha-Am Challenge

Marketing the February Cha-Am Challenge to golfers across the globe is well underway; however the organisers are also eager to see local golfers use their local knowledge!

The Cha-Am Challenge is a three day event scheduled for February 13th, 15th and 17th. The format includes the first two days as Stableford rounds followed by a final Stroke round. The best combined scores will determine the winners. Rogeir Heimstad for the Cha-Am Challenge organisers says “The Cha-Am Challenge provides a unique opportunity for golfers to stake a claim to being Cha-Am’s champion amateur golfer.

Although we are promoting Cha-Am as a great Thailand destination for travelling golfers, we would also be very happy if the trophy stays here.” Promoting Cha-Am means playing at courses within the Cha-Am district; Palm Hills, Lakeview and Springfield over the three days. Anyone familiar with Cha-Am will recognise the Cha-Am Challenge logo. Rogeir says “We were eager to have a logo that anyone can recognise as representing Cha-Am.

Making a short trip to the end of the fishing harbour peer reveals the origin of the twin squid emblem. It’s synonymous with the town’s reputation for fantastic seafood and the importance of the ocean to locals and visitors.” Local golfers, including ladies, are being encouraged to register their interest early and join in the party planned to welcome travellers as well as the presentation dinner celebrations. Players will also receive a shirt and ball marker featuring the twin squid logo. The Challenge website and Facebook pages provides more information and event registrations.