PTT Thailand Grand Prix Voted Best of 2018

PTT Thailand Grand Prix Voted Best of 2018
PTT Thailand Grand Prix Voted Best of 2018

The race weekend at Buriram was the most attended and has been voted the best of the season on its debut.

2018 was an important year for Thailand and MotoGP™. On the paddock’s first visit to Chang International Circuit for testing, fans flocked to the track to get their first glimpse of the sport and ahead of the first ever Grand Prix in the country. There was a lot of expectation but the Thai GP was an incredible success and has now been named the best of the season by the MotoGP™ Paddock and the decision communicated to the Grand Prix Commission. The event at Buriram was also the best attended with over 220,000 people heading to Chang International Circuit over the three days.

Rewarded for the incredible organisation, facilities and atmosphere at the event, the Thai GP will now look ahead to 2019 in a bid to retain the prestigious prize. Newin Chidchob, President of Chang International Circuit: “On behalf of both the people of Buriram and Thailand, we are extremely honored to receive the MotoGP Grand Prix of the year 2018. We must thank the people of Buriram, for showing the capability of Thai people to the world. We promise to use the experience gained in every event to create a better PTT Thailand Grand Prix every season.

Thank you!” “Everything went smoothly, the commitment of the organisers was fantastic. The fans’ support was incredible, the access to the circuit was fast and they demonstrated that they understood MotoGP . It’s a perfect example for other countries to follow and this prize is fully deserved. From my point of view it will be hard for them to improve!”