Watch-ing The Golf Course

Watch-ing The Golf Course
Watch-ing The Golf Course

In recent times you may have noticed golfers on course giving much more attention to what appears to be their wrist watch. However there’s much more information available than just the time from this rapidly developing golf GPS watch technology.

Apart from hand-held devices, GPS watches are the latest innovation in distance finding devices, combining style and functionality with convenience. They will automatically recognise the course and give you distances to the front, centre and back of the greens but much more. The sophistication of these devices continues to increase. GPS golf watches come loaded with over 30,000 worldwide courses (including our local courses) and updates to keep up with both new course and as well as existing course changes.

Some Features To Consider Apart from the standard ‘how far to the green’ distances notification, if you are in the market for the latest GPS golfer’s watch; here are some of the features available: Distances to front/middle/back of greens and hazards
along with layup and doglegs high resolution touchscreen easily readable even in bright sunlight Dedicated green view button Touch screen pin placement ‘Blind shot’ direction indicator. Swing speed trackers including the ratio of back swing to forward swing. Stats tracking; not only downloadable scores, but fairways hit/left/right, greens in regulations, putts.

Stats that are reviewable after the round Battery life of up to 10 hours, with rechargeable lithium-ion battery Waterproof to 10 metres, you can reach into the water to retrieve your ball! Ability to receive email, texts and alerts. Prices range for around 5,000 THB up to in excess of 20,000 THB, depending on the level of sophistication. Prices are always coming down! Is Your Golf Watch (or any other device) ‘Legal’? Rule 14/3b prohibits a player from using any artificial device or unusual equipment for the purpose of gauging or measuring distance or conditions that might affect his play. That alone would make all golf GPS and laser rangefinders against the rules and the penalty for the breach is disqualification. However, in 2006, Decision 14-3/0.5 was created to give tournament committees the option of adding a Local Rule that allows ‘distance-measuring devices’.

Rule 14/3b – Appendix IV allows a multi-functional device to be used as a distance-measuring device. The device must not be used to gauge or measure other conditions such as wind speed or direction, temperature or elevation. Doing so would be a breach of Rule 14-3.
However don’t assume that a Local Rule has been made; no Local Rule means disqualification! You may also want to consider how using these devices affect your mental approach to the game. For some too much information just adds to brain confusion to the detriment of their ability to concentrate on the swing. Being single minded is fundamental to good shot-making.