6 Stress Reduction Strategies for Men

6 Stress Reduction Strategies for Men
6 Stress Reduction Strategies for Men
6 Stress Reduction Strategies for Men
6 Stress Reduction Strategies for Men

Almost everyone encounters stress in life, and how we deal with it is an important skill. When it comes to gender, what works for men can vary slightly from what works for women. If you’re a man coping with stress in today’s world of financial pressures, family responsibilities and overwhelming schedules (or a woman trying to help a male you love deal with stress), try these simple strategies.

Talk it Out

It’s important to talk about your feelings and difficulties, especially if you often bottle things up. Try finding a good listener you trust. Sometimes it’s not the advice that’s most valuable, but the act of verbalizing your problems and working them through that helps.

Get Physical

When your body is healthy, your mind is healthy. By seeking wellness in your life, you can blow off steam and build confidence, both of which enhance your sense of happiness, security and control. Remember that stress places you at increased risk for heart disease and other disorders.

Try strategies like:

– Taking a multivitamin
– Working out for stress release and a confidence boost
– Eating healthfully for a sharp mind
– Getting more sleep to better cope with daily obstacles
– Playing sports to escape from worries

Seek Spirituality

Research shows that people with religious affiliations are better equipped to handle stress positively. Believing in a greater power can be comforting and helps you relinquish some control of things. Alternatively, meditation can be effective in promoting peace, increasing calm and restoring balance. Try attending religious services, or take up yoga.

Go Outside

Research supports a link between nature and health. Going outdoors, even for short periods, is proven to increase productivity, boost stamina, enhance mood and elicit well-being. Get outside, get some light for increased vitamin D and endorphin release and step away from stressors often in your day.

Practice Leisure

To reduce stress, prioritize leisure time. Finding a hobby and engaging in relaxing activities or competitive sports can distract you from stress and help you focus on some enjoyment. It may also provide opportunity to trade feelings with other men.

Make a Change

Sometimes you need to make a change to fix what’s not working in life. Taking control of a negative situation and turning it into a positive is empowering. Whether this means changing your way of thinking at work or changing your job, realizing that change is possible can help. Most men can successfully manage their stress by trying some of the tips listed above; however, if anxiety becomes unmanageable, a potentially larger problem may exist. Consult your doctor if your stress feels out of control. Remember, investing in happiness is always worth the effort, because you matter!