An Alternative Treatment That Really Resonates

An Alternative Treatment That Really Resonates
An Alternative Treatment That Really Resonates

Wim van den Toorn first became a convert to the efficacy of Bio-Resonance after success in the treatment of his wife’s severe allergy problems. After the failure of more conventional medical treatments, her relief from this distressing condition lasted for 15 years.

The couple was considering travelling to Singapore for another round of treatment before they discovered a Bio-Resonance Clinic in Bangkok and once again relief was at hand. That led to Wim learning more of the theory and practical application of this alternative medical treatment. His enthusiastic conversion led to the commencement of a Bio-Resonance Clinic in Hua Hin as the second clinic of its kind in Thailand, although Bio-Resonance is well established in parts of Europe with early origins in Germany.

Left to right – Woraseth (Sonny) Thanadakwong, Suvijak Boonsorn and Wim van den Toorn With Wim as the owner/director, the clinic was opened in February of this year. The clinic also offers Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the expertise of a Thai practitioner, Suvijak Boonsorn (OMD, L. Ac) who is responsible for medical supervision, bio-resonance therapy, acupuncture and other forms of TCM. The clinic retains the mentorship of Clinical Professor Dr. Bhasakit Wannawibool MD.TCM from the Faculty of Oriental Medicine at Bangkok’s Rangsit University. Like many alternative forms of medicine, Bio- Resonance has been dismissed by many mainstream health professionals. On the other hand, Wim points out there are scientific studies that show its effectiveness.

There are also many individuals who have participated in the treatment and report significant improvement in their conditions. He also says that unlike pharmaceutical treatments, there are no side-effects or unforeseen consequences of Bio-Resonance, but treatment is not recommended in case of pregnancy and when you have a pace-maker. Bio-Resonance considers electromagnetic frequency information generated by a person’s own body for the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of diseases. It relies on the principle that disease is preceded by a change in the electromagnetic impulses of body cells that interact with neighboring cells.

A Bio-Resonance diagnostic session These signals are in the form of oscillations and the patterns differ between a healthy cell (harmonic) and a sick cell (disharmonic), or between a healthy or sick organ. In therapy, disharmonic oscillations are returned to the body in a therapeutically effective way. The returned oscillations correct the distorted ones and stimulate the cells to oscillate in the original mode. Acupuncture as one form of TCM Our introduction to the Hua Hin Bio-Resonance Clinic included a brief diagnostic session which normally takes a full hour including on-screen diagnostic charts pointing out areas of ‘disharmony’ in various parts of the body in need of correction. This is a painless experience with the high-tech diagnostic outputs colorfully displayed and easy to follow. We’re told that treatment is very similar in its operation and is typically undertaken over ten one hour sessions. We also witnessed clinic assistant Woraseth (Sonny) Thanadakwong as the recipient of an acupuncture session.

The multiple needles applied to his back only provoked smiles and was once again pain free. Hua Hin’s Bio-Resonance and TCM Clinic now offers a real alternative for the diagnosis and treatment of a range of ailments including addictions and allergies with almost no medical condition considered to be untreatable. It may be unconventional but the ‘true believers’, especially those who have experienced relief from their health problems, are growing in number worldwide.

Hua Hin Bio-Resonance & TCM Clinic

Where: 135/465 Soi 102, Contact: 084 9193546 Website: www. Email: Cost: One hour diagnosis 5,000 THB Ten one hour treatment sessions 20,000 THB