Balance For The Body & Mind at the Cape Nidhara Spa

Balance For The Body & Mind at the Cape Nidhara Spa
Balance For The Body & Mind at the Cape Nidhara Spa

The centre of Hua Hin City is where one of the best spas with luxury treatment rooms can be found with elegant decorations and naturally lit reception area. Cape Nidhara is known not just for its luxury but also for its contemporary style. In addition to the welcoming team greeting visitors with drinks such as Naam Matumm or Bael juice. Packed with antioxidants and antimicrobials, these amazing beverages are great for dealing with the heat and known to reduce glucose levels in the blood.

Ms. Raweewan Junsang is the head therapist with a wealth of knowledge that has been acquired over more than 20 years. Her experience has come not only from domestic spas but also from those found abroad in places like South Africa. As head of the Cape Spa, she developed her unique method of treating each individual according to their specific needs to ensure that every guest is ‘kept balanced’. My therapist, Su, started my treatment in the steam-room, at least 15 minutes to get the maximum benefit, followed by a cool shower to balance body temperature.

My muscles were then stretched to help combat muscle pain as well as improve joint support. I was then advised to drink at least 750ml of fresh water to prevent any chance of dehydration. The result was great, my skin was firm, my muscles more relaxed and I was ready for 60 minutes of black sesame scrub that would hydrate my skin, remove any dead cells and help protect my skin from sun damage; which is always a concern for a sun lover who enjoys basking in the hot sun..

After my body scrub a warm shower would prepare me for my 80 minute massage. My therapist selected the oceanic aroma massage as it would best suit my muscle condition, a result of my habit of following a full day of work with sport. The addition of ‘Up lift Geranium’ massage oil not only combined well, with my massage, to provide excellent skin treatment; it also has an unforgettable fragrance.

My spa treatment left me feeling relaxed, in both body and mind, and the effective massage pressure not only worked wonders on my muscles, especially my upper back, but would also help me enjoy the deep, peaceful sleep that I need. Thank you very much to the Cape Nidhara team for your hospitality. See you again very soon kha!