Bangkok Hospital: World Hypertension Day

Bangkok Hospital: World Hypertension Day
Bangkok Hospital: World Hypertension Day

May 17, 2019 at the Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin by Dr. Weerasak Pongpattanapan, the director of Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin opened a forum on the topic of “High pressure – difficult to avoid but can be controlled” in conjunction with the World Hypertension Day. And Dr. Wanida Likkasittiphan, an expert in Internists Medicine of Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin was the lecturers. The World Hypertension Federation has listed May 17 of every year to be the World Hypertension Day, with the purpose of communicating to the global population to be aware of high blood pressure and how to avoid it. More than 90% of hypertensive patients were found in people ages 40 above.

The main causes were cause from heredity, obesity, smoking, drinking, stress and eating salty food. The person who works in office for a lengthy time has a higher risk of high blood pressure than those who moves around and works physically. The other 10% of hypertension patients commonly found in people less than 40 years of age and it’s likely caused by kidney diseases, goiter and other cardiovascular diseases.

The risk of high blood pressure could cause severe heart attack, blockage in artery, paralysis and kidney failure. Practical treatment for hypertension could simply by changing the eating habit e.g. avoid salty food, eating a balanced food diet that are low in fat, eat more fruits and vegetables and exercising regularly.

As well as stop smoking and lessening of alcohol consumption. Drugs and other forms of medical treatment can only be recommended by doctors, depending on the stage of hypertension of the patient. In addition, Chef Nicha Soree and Khun Saowalak Navaritti-ussavin, a nutritionist from Gourmet House, demonstrated how to prepare food for hypertensive patients and one of her menus was called the “crunchy salad”.