Boosting your metabolism: Thai Style


Boosting your metabolism: Thai Style

Losing weight or maintaining a healthy body weight can be challenging, so being able to easily boost your metabolism is a way of achieving your body goals.  In Thailand, the markets are full of produce that is great for helping to increase your metabolic rate; naturally.

Here are 5 produce items that you can find easily in both the fresh food markets or in dishes all over Thailand:

Chili: ‘Phrik’ in Thai

Thailand is known for the humble chilli, as it is the base of so many dishes, yet it is also a great ingredient to accelerate your metabolic rate.  Not all chillies are hot, so if you want the benefits without the heat, simply choose the bigger red ones.  The smaller the chilli, the hotter they are, making it simple to regulate your heat level.  The #1 condiment in Thailand is Phrik Naam Bplaa, which is fish sauce with chilli; annoint your next Thai dish with it.

Turmeric: ‘Khamin’

Fresh turmeric is widely used in many dishes whose origins are in the south of Thailand.  Fresh turmeric contains curcumin, an antioxidant that is said to be great to help reduce inflammation, but it also increases your metabolism.  If you are looking to add turmeric to your diet, chew a centimetre piece of turmeric root in the morning on an empty stomach, add turmeric powder to your juice or smoothie, or select dishes that have pounded turmeric in the pastes like Khao Soi or try a Kha Khamin; a soup made with fresh turmeric.

Garlic: ‘Krathiam’

One of the most widely used ingredients worldwide; garlic must be the easiest to add to your diet.  You could even have one garlic clove every morning to increase your metabolic rate. Crush them up in a marinade, in a health juice or a soup.  In Thailand small, locally grown garlic is often served whole with Phad kra-prao; which adds crunch and flavour, though you now have an added reason add them.

Lime: ‘Manao’

One of the easiest ways to start your day off on the right foot is to have a warm glass of water with the juice of a lime or a lemon up to an hour before you eat breakfast. Devotees of this will tell you it gives the body an uplifting, early morning wake up call. It also aids digestion and overall body health. Like all citrus fruit, limes are a great source of Vitamin C and are good for boosting your metabolism and shredding those unwanted.

Coriander: ‘Phak Chi’